Ability to customize your 360 view based on account RecordType from Salesforce

Similar to being able to create different page layouts for customer, partners, etc. in Salesforce I would like to be able to do the same for the C360. 
This is in our plans. We will increase the priority based on the number of likes for this idea, otherwise we will plan for this mostly in the second half of 2016. 
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We are thinking of building this soon and would love your feedback on the thoughts we have regarding this. Please refer this post and post your comments - https://community.gainsight.com/gainsight/topics/multiple-c360-layouts


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As you might have seen in the release notes for November, we have released the first version of Multiple C360 Layouts. You can see the detailed description with the steps to do it here - https://support.gainsight.com/hc/en-us/articles/235626068.

We would love to hear your feedback and comments regarding how we can make it better.


Abhishek S
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Is there a product enhancement planned for allowing a different 360 layout for different customer types? For instance, the AMs/CSMs for high-touch customer groups may require more sections on the 360 that provide a deeper look at the data, or even have the sections/data ordered with emphasis on different sections that would be at the top. The low-touch customer groups may show not as much or different data or have the emphasis on a different section at the top of the 360. Or another instance would be products - different products would show different information on the 360. 
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This would be to show different 360 sections based on certain account/customer criteria.  This could be handy for different segmented customers or parent/child accounts.  

My Example: If Global Account Field on Account = True, show certain 360 sections that tie to Global Usage MDA subject area.  If Global Account field != True, don't show them since they are not relevant.  
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As you all know, low touch customers are managed differently than high touch customers. Therefore, the CSM team members have asked to have the ability to define their preference with regards to the C360 page. Ideally, each of them could define how they would like to have the sections sorted and which sections to hide.

That being said, I see a lot of similarity in the way that the CSM manage their account. Therefore, providing the ability to define the page layout by user role, user profile, or customer segment, would be effective and helpful too.
I believe your second ask has or is being implemented soon "the ability to customize by user profile" meaning you can assign a layout to a user profile or by account attribute (customer segment).. 
You can, but if you choose an Account Attribute and/or User Profile, it appears that all layouts require you to add an Account Attribute and/or User Profile attribute.  You can't seem to say "I only want to apply X Layout if User Profile = CSM" and have the rest of the layouts apply irrespective of a User Profile value.
right. that is because they want you to tell the other layouts that you do not want it to equal whatever you created for the other one. The system is not smart enough to talk to each layout saying "I have this attribute so you need to exclude that one so we don't overlap" 🙂
But there isn't an  != option:

Ultimately I just need an Admin view so I can enable editing on fields that I wouldn't allow end users to edit, and other admin-y things like that.