Ability to Customize which/how columns are sorted in Report Builder

As an Admin, I want to be able to sort the columns in my reports based on the needs of our end users. The reports are limited to sorting only the first column of the report, which requires that I use the (sort by) field in the first column. Additionally, I want to determine as the report builder if the fields values should be sorted by ascending or descending order. This seems like a basic functionality in any sort of reporting that I'm surprised is not included in Gainsight!

Agreed. I created a report using the new "grouping" function, but it groups alphabetically by default. I am not able to change the display order there either.

Agree Jeff,

We need a sort option on row grouped reports to be able to change the default order. We will be providing it soon. As a stop gap measure, can you check if Ranking option works for your usecase?

Hi Alison,

​We do have sort functionality in reporting. For tabular reports, end users can click any column header to sort the data. If you want end users to see a particular sort order (persist sort), ranking functionality provides a way to do that.

For non tabular visualizations, we do have chart sorting in chart options for visualizations where ever applicable (picture below shows this option).

This sorts the visualization according to the option provided as shown below:

Does this help solve the problem? If it does not address all the cases, could you share some example scenarios?


Unfortunately no, as we want to sort specific columns as the default setting. I'm coaching our reps to be more diligent about doing that, but it would be much more effective if we could customize the columns that we're sorting by default.

We do not persist sort today for reports. However, Ranking functionality can be used to persist sort.

Ranking doesn't appear to solve this use case because you have to provide a Top/Bottom number of records to display.


If you give the number of records to display as 2000 / report read limit (That number where a report shows + records), then you would see same number of records with or without ranking. Only, the records would already be sorted.

This is the work around for sort order today.

We are displaying Ticket / Case data in a report on the C360 and I would like to sort on the Ticket create date and have that be the default sort.  Was actually pretty surprised that it wasn’t really an option to define the sorting column on the report builder.  Ranking doesn’t appear to work as it is Top/Bottom, not date related.  When I moved the ‘Created Date’ value into the first column, thinking that would do the trick (as was mentioned above) I found that the date sort was not correct.  I’m not sure where the hang up is, but the data set covers about 4 years of data and when ‘Created Date’ is in the first column, it started in May of 2018, when it should have started in either Jan 2016, or Jan 2020 (depending on which direction it was sorted.  Having the ability to define the default sort would be very useful for us.



How can we sort the report Asc or Desc with respect to the Show me field? For example in a stack chart, we need to sort total ARR  Desc. grouped by CSM name? In the  chart sorting field, show me field(Sum of ARR was not available). Any idea?



+1 Definitely a huge need for us as well. Our users would like to be able to sort by multiple columns at once as possible in Excel. Otherwise we start getting asked what the value of C360 reports are over exporting to spreadsheets...

@ana_g Thanks for your inputs! I have redirected this to our product team.

Did this ever get addressed, or is it still an open request?

We need a sort option on row grouped reports to be able to change the default order. We will be providing it soon. As a stop gap measure, can you check if Ranking option works for your usecase?

I’m trying to do this on a report now, and can’t find any alternative to having the default alphabetical sorting on the grouped field. Ranking doesn’t seem to help, as I want to sort by a date field but if I rank by the top 100 results on that field, I’ll get the most recent 100 entries but they won’t be presented in a date sorted order, they’re still all presented depending on the alphabetical naming of the grouped field

we also need custom sorting, so we can sort by