Ability to Customize Slack Notifications to Individual CSMs via JO/Rules Engine (think custom alerts)

Our CSMs are big users of Slack and are more likely to act on a Slack notification than an email that gets lost in the inbox. While I see that there are out of the box notifications available in NXT, is there a way to create custom notifications to appear when usage drops or a client health score changes, etc? And if there isn’t, let’s make it happen :)




There is a way via a rule with an external api call:


@john_apple we currently already post to a Slack channel, but is there a way to have that work for individual Slack users? How would you configure the POST URL section?

@sai_ram Any further insights on this one? :)

It looks like there are a number of flexible Slack APIs that might be able to be used, but you’d probably want to get input from either your Slack CSM or someone that is familiar with how to use their APIs. https://api.slack.com/web


One of our professional services teammate, Peter, has created this awesome 10-minute video where he shows how to achieve pushing to Slack channel dynamically. 

Pushing a custom notification to a user is also very similar. But it needs one additional step. You would need to ask Slack admin to give user ID of slack users and need to have that info available in Gainsight. Once that is present, you can tokenize the user name instead of Channel Name in that example. For reference, this is the exact doc from Slack’s documentation.

@rakesh this is super helpful. Thank you very much!