Ability to customize order of links

I think this idea was posted in the regular community, but it came up with the new UI today especially with the inability to click on the sections in the Summary. CSMs would like to be able to customize the order of the links on the left hand side according to the ones they use the most. CSM also pointed out that in the Summary section, the widget that contains Health Score is called that, but the link to see more details is called Scorecard. Thought it would be more intuitive if those matched so that you'd know which link to click for more info.
Thanks for the detailed feedback, Heather. Three distinct points that I see in your note:

  1. Ability to click on the summary card to get to the respective 360 section -- We absolutely will add this back. Trying to get it done as early as possible.
  2. Ability to customize the order of the links on the left -- You can do this today by configuring the 360 section sequencing from Administration  -> C360 Sections.
  3. Naming discrepancy between the summary card and the actual section -- This, I believe, was done because the card has just the overall health score, whereas the section has the full Scorecard broken out. Do you agree with this reasoning, or still see this as a point of confusion for your CSMs?

Hi Manu,

For number 2, I know that I can customize them for the whole org, but the CSMs were looking for the capability to have their own customization. So, for instance, one CSM might like the Scorecard section to be at the top while another might want the Cases section. Does that make sense?

For number 3, that makes sense to me. I think in our org, we still call them the same thing, so that's probably some of the confusion. I can definitely speak to why they are named differently. And I definitely wouldn't put that as an urgent suggestion. 🙂
Makes total sense. We definitely are thinking about customizable layouts, but no work will likely start this quarter. Will keep you posted.