Ability to Clone Engagements

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If we have to create a new engagement with the few changes of already existing engagements, we have to create an another engagement and have to add the all rules in Audience section again. We can edit the previous engagement if we no longer use it, But if we have to use the both, there is no way but to create the another engagement. 

So it will make things so much easier if we have the ability to clone the engagements and edit them. 




+1 Yes, this would be extremely helpful not to manually input the audience for same types of engagements.

The option to clone/duplicate entire Engagements will help us quickly test content across different environments. 


This would be super helpful and saves a lot of time rebuilding and linking engagements. I agree with the testing benefit as well. 

Yes please!  We need this too!

+1. I often want to clone an engagement so I can quickly use the style formatting from one guide and use it for another. I don’t necessarily want to save it as a template so cloning the engagement would solve this.

with translations too

Is there any update on this? This suggestions is essentially identical to one that says it is planned, but I can’t find any update on it:



@All, Happy to announce that your request is considered and pushed to October release. 

Please refer to release notes for more info!

You can refer to this community post to know the number of posts considered for October release.