Ability to change "from" address and other fields per email variant

The ability to change the “from” address and reply to etc (fields form this screenshot) per email variant would be greatly beneficial. 


We often send emails where the send name and email is the CSM… but here is always a handful that need a variant, maybe an account is in transition , or they are currently assigned no CSM.. - I need to be able to set variants with generic tech-touch email address OR utilize a manager’s email. 


Note: I know there is a workaround with calculated fields but the time required for this is too much. (and multiplies if you have more than 1 source query)

When you say calculated measure are you talking about the JO calculated measures?


If so there is another method where you can do a transformation after your all of your other source tasks. In there do you a case statement and output the proper emails based on your conditions you set/will set for variant.


@mglarocca did you get a chance to see the comments posts by @Wayne

@Wayne Thank you for your reply!.

We use the workaround described, but would be much nicer to be able to change these details at a variant level

I’ve done the same as what Wayne and Holly mentioned. Dido on the easability point. 

Hello Everyone,
We are releasing a redesigned single step JO, which should allow you to do this in an easier way.