Ability to bulk load playbooks to Gainsight

Gainsight has some customers who already have established playbooks for processes that are usually created and stored in Google Sheets or Excel. They would like to be able to bulk load this into Gainsight and create Playbooks via an automated mechanism (import playbook or Load to Playbook rule action)

Is there anything on the roadmap for this? Thank you in advance!

@jnunes Thank you for sharing here. I will confirm and with the product team and get back to you.

@jnunes We do not have this on our roadmap. We understand the use case and will connect with you once we plan to pick this up. Thanks!

This would certainly help get us off the ground a lot faster and enable us to fast upload any future changes quicker

This will help us a lot. Our teams work in Gsheets to come up the playbook tasks and would benefit if we can bulk import them.

Or as an alternative our team has asked for better permissions around editing playbooks and publishing them in GS

@aparimala What kind of permission handling are you expecting? We allow only admins to manage playbooks as of today.

This would also be quite interesting for us and for any new customer I assume who would like to be able to quickly create several playbooks/success plan for their team.

@sriram pasupathi I am looking at permissions for playbooks where we can assign granular

edit, create, delete, approve, draft/publish options.

Today when an admin starts adding playbook  we have no options to hide it from the end users using it while still working on it. We use a naming convention DRAFT as a workaround which is meh! 

I am particularly interested in edit, approve/publish permissions.

Users (non admin) - Edit

Users (Managers and non admins) - Approve

Users (Managers/Admins) - Publish only approved playbooks

Admin - Can overwrite, skip approve and publish playbooks

Extra mile would be to have the ability to use custom filters (region, manager, geo, ARR segment) to allow certain playbooks to be available to only certain CSMs/Accounts.


We do all these steps in GSheets today and hence our need for the ask for bulk import.