Ability to break the connections in Advanced Outreach

It would be great if the Advanced Outreach canvas had the ability to delete a connection between two actions to insert additional steps, or, even better, if the actions were drag and drop. 

It's extremely redundant to build a 10 step outreach to realize you'd like to change from a wait step to a conditional wait step at say, the second step. Or if you want to add a CTA step between 6 and 7. Currently, you have to delete all steps following where you'd like to make the change, and with that, all of the settings of the deleted steps (like all details in a Create CTA action). Then you have to re-add the deleted steps. 

Instead, I'd like to be able to delete the link on either side of the action I want to change, and should be able to insert additional actions before or after any action.
Yes - this flexibility would be really critical.
Adding that this would be equally valuable in Bionic Rules as well. I'm dreading going back to fix a 2-step rule to add in an additional query and filter because there are 8 actions that I'm going to need to delete and then recreate. Output from the rule will be identical.
Hi Jeff,

Not sure if you noticed it or not, but we did enable you to make changes upstream in a Bionic Rule provided you don't delete data that is used by a downstream step (otherwise it would leave you with broken and orphaned actions). So in your example, you can definitely add in an additional query and/or filters as long as the main process flow of data isn't interrupted. 

Thanks for sharing this use case. The way we are thinking about this is along the lines of visio/lucidhcart elements where you can insert,cut, copy, paste elements as part of the journey design.

This is top of our list of journey design enhancements.


Abhishek S
Hey Dan -- thanks for flagging that! I hadn't noticed! That will definitely come in handy!

In this case my challenge is that I need to insert a step into the rule setup, and I don't see how to do that. What I have currently is:

  1. Get activity data
  2. Aggregate data by account
What I now want to do (having run it for a few weeks in real life!) is:

  1. Get activity data
  2. Get account data
  3. Merge that data to remove inactive values
  4. Aggregate data by account
The final data set is the same in terms of data structure, it just has fewer rows.
Looking at your example, if I understand it correctly you'd like to keep 1, insert 2&3 and then repoint Aggregate data by account to the output of 3 instead of the output of 1. Is that right?

So, once you select a data source for a rule task and save it, you can't change that data source. But, in your example if you wanted to add a step to filter out inactive accounts, could you keep steps 1 & 2 from your original task as is and just add steps 2 & 3 from your second example to the end? In other words, aggregate the data first and then filter out inactive values?
I am struggling with the same functionality in the Advanced Outreach/Program creation. We have had several changes to our process while creating it and can't easily change the program without deleting several steps or starting over. It's caused us a lot of time and missed deadlines in rolling out our NPS program and other programs. 
Abhishek - will this include the ability to move the connection lines independently? It's very difficult that the Program attempts to map the process for me by forcing the selection of next steps.

If we had a tray of tasks we could drag/drop what we want onto the canvas and connect exit/entry points of actions ourselves. It would eliminate unnecessary steps and provide a ton more flexibility.

For example, 'Continue' after a conditional wait step automatically re-enters the contact into the flow at a set point, but what if I don't want those participants to re-enter the flow until much farther down stream? This is not possible.

This is incorrectly flagged as having a workaround. A different issue was raised in the comments with a workaround provided, the workaround is unrelated to the original posting. @sai_ram 

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@sai_ram please see previous comment, workaround provided is an incorrect status applied to this topic.

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We are in the process of redesigning JO and ability to add/ delete steps in between is one of the enhancement which we would add with the redesign. ETA H1 2021.

@nitisha_rathi any update on the JO redesign? Similar to this post, there is a major need to revamp how program flow logic functions currently. 

Hey @chethana could you please look into this and help with a quick update here?