Ability to better manage the scheduling of rules

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Managing when rules have been scheduled to run is no easy task.  I've created a spreadsheet with each rule and it’s corresponding start time so that they do not overlap when run.  It would be helpful if the system could automatically schedule rules based on the last time a rule was scheduled and a set time interval configured somewhere in the admin settings (5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, etc.).  

Use Case:

Two rules have been created and scheduled, the first at 12:00AM and the second at 12:10AM. A third rule is created and gets automatically scheduled to run at 12:20AM.  A time interval of 10 minutes is set by the user in admin settings.  All three rules display within the rule listing in order by time scheduled, starting with 12:00AM.

This is one thought I had for making the rule run scheduling more automated and easier to manage.  I am not a programmer, so any improvements with this process would be greatly appreciated!

We are introducing a calendar view for the schedules where you could see all the rules. It is expected in H2 this year. That should help in timing a schedule that does not overlap with others.
I'm excited for calendar view! Even a simple list view of all the rules in chronological order would be very helpful.
Hi Sundar - I was just talking with someone about the challenges associated with managing rule schedules.  Are we still on track to see improvements in this area "H2 2015"?  Any updates on a potential target month?  Thank you!!
We are targeting this in H2 for sure, but not the calendar view, slightly modified. I will put the mock here once things are finalised.
Check-out timeline view of Rules in latest release!