Ability to @mention a user in chatter when creating a CTA

When creating a CTA for Risk, we want to be able to notify the Account Exec when the CTA is created. We typically use chatter for a manual reach out, but would like to @mention the AE in chatter at the point of CTA creation. This allows the AE to be more quickly prepared when they have the conversation with the CSM.


We’ve tried putting @mentions in the comment section of the CTA rule, both with and w/o using tokens. The text shows up in the comments as expected, but the @mention doesn’t link.


@meenal_shukla FYI

Hey @david_narunsky ,

Check this out: You receive an email notification when a Call To Action is created for the customer you are following. Can the AEs follow the customer they are interested in getting notifications when CTAs get created?


Also, this allows admins to make users follow the accounts programmatically:


@meenal_shukla Our AEs don’t have GS licenses. It looks as though that’s a prereq to either following a customer or using the “bell” icon to set notification preferences once email notifications are enabled. Is there another way to set those on their behalf?

Unfortunately, no, David.

Hey @meenal_shukla --

Thanks for those ideas! Our AEs are non-Gainsight licensed users and we’re leveraging the @mention on chatter as a bridge between the Gainsight CTAs and SFDC. 

As a company, we do not auto-subscribe users to their Account records in SFDC. Currently, we follow the same approach in Gainsight. The number of items that are tracked in Chatter would create too much noise if we auto-subscribed everyone. We rely on @mentions to ensure visibility of key items.

It is possible to add a task to the CTA, asking the CSMs to @mention the AE manually (this is currently what we’re asking the team to do); however, it would save time and ensure the step isn’t skipped if we could apply it in the rules engine.


I’ll add that supporting @mention configuration in the Rule Engine could support other use-cases:

» @mention the AE (tokenized) / CSM (tokenized) / RM (tokenized) to begin internal coordination efforts

» @mention a specific Product Manager (hardcoded) for awareness that a specific action has been taken

@david_narunsky Would you like this post to be converted to an Idea (feature request)?

Hi @lila_meyer ! Yeah, that would be great, thank you!

I agree @nora_soza / @david_narunsky : You are right in your thinking and also on your explanation. I also think that the ability to have the @mention via the rules will have multiple use cases.

cc @manu_mittal  for your consideration and feedback.

@david_narunsky and @nora_soza Thanks for bringing this up! Currently, this is not on our near term road-map. We also change the priority of the road map based on the customer's interests. 

@All, if you are interested in this enhancement please upvote here. 

@sai_ram Would very much like the ability to @mention users when making CTAs, and being able to @mention users in CTA comments in general. I would also add that being able to @mention a token so you can dynamically mention the account owner, manager, etc., on rule creation would be $$$$$$$$$$

Yes, more @mention functionality please! Rules, CTAs, and the ability to create groups for @mentions and not just individuals would be amazing.

Hello everyone, currently you can’t @mention a CTA in the comment but you can @mention a user in the timeline entry of a CTA. This way, an email notification will be triggered to that user. (This user should be GS user for this to work).