Ability to Adjust the column names when sent via JO Programs

Hi Team,


Currently when we use the inline reports in JO and try to send a email , The columns are trimmed and we don't have an option to show complete column name or data in that column . While we add report to the program the column name is showing up fine but while sending, it is adjusting according to the template and trimming the column names and data in it.  Currently we don’t have a way to adjust column size. If this can be taken up as future request it will be very helpful for the customer . Sample Screenshot.



@sandeepchidiri sorry for the inconvenience. Its a valid ask, redirecting this to the product team to check the feasibility. 

Hello @sandeepchidiri 
This ia a html code, so resizing od column width should be possible. Let me check and update you.

Hello @sandeepchidiri 

I checked this not able to do this. Have asked my team if there can be any workaorund for this.

Thank you for the update @chethana