Ability to add notes or modify the text in Timeline

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I have been talking to a customer who would like to have the ability to allow at least the people who were tagged in the message to be able to add notes or modify the text in the Timeline view.
Thanks for sharing, Michael. We'll surely explore this and figure out what can be done for Spring. Would extending to internal attendees suffice, you think, or have you come across other suggestions/ideas on who should be able to modify posts?
We've started using Timeline extensively but this limitation has hindered us as as we collaborate on timeline tasks/meetings/events as a team but only the creator can make edits or updates.  Please, please, please (with sugar on top), open this up so others in Gainsight or those permissioned can make edits/updates as well.  Also, it would be very helpful to be able to send an email directly to a timeline and upload attachments.  
Any update on this?
Hey,This is valid use-case and we have added it to our road-map,ETA unknown as of now. Thanks for posting 

Hello, our CSM’s are also requesting for the ability to allow others to modify timeline entries. For example, two CSM’s were on a call together and one took notes and the other wanted to add their notes to the same timeline entry rather than add to the comments, but is unable to edit a timeline entry added by another CSM.