Ability to add multiple linked objects to the CTA

I know this is a fairly new feature but the ability to add multiple linked objects to the CTA instead of just one object would be awesome. In order to continue to increase user adoption, keeping users in Gainsight instead of SFDC is key and by allowing multiple linked objects, this will help greatly. 
This is currently in dev and planned for May release.
Great to hear it's in development! And coming so quickly!

Related to this -- it would be good to be able to set this lookup field through the rule. For example, I'm looking to associate the upcoming renewal opportunity with the CTA to allow the CSM to easily update fields that are needed by the renewal team.
We will expose these lookup fields in the rule engine's create CTA action in the near term. This will only allow linking opportunities to CTAs if the create CTA action was based on opportunities. 

It might still not be straight forward if you were trying to link upcoming renewal with an existing CTA.
Oh, I can get pretty tricky with formula fields and CTAs! 🙂 Rather than making it a firm restriction that you can [i]only set that field when the rule was based on the same object, if I can get an ID (as a string) into a query result, I'd like to be able to map that to the lookup field.

One idea off the top of my head for how that might work would be to set up a custom field on the customer info object where I store the Opp ID through Rule 1, and then grab that in Rule 2 to update the CTA using that field.
Will there also be options to link certain objects based on the type of CTA? For example, Opportunity CTAs are linked to the Opportunity object and Risk CTAs are linked to Cases.
Thanks for bringing this up, Brent.  I've got several customers asking for the same option.  Multiple objects to multiple CTA types.
I'm not 100% sold on tying the object lookup to the CTA

type. I get it in theory, but wouldn't it be easier (for me if not for

Engineering! 🙂 to just let me have multiple lookups, populate the correct

ones for that CTA, and then have the CTA show tabs for populated references?

Personally I think of type as just a flag on the CTA and not something that defines a fundamentally different object/concept with different settings. The type

may filter related options (like with playbooks) but keep the rest consistent.

Any updates or adjustments on the thinking for this? It's coming up again for me and the ability to set this through the rules engine would be great!
Jeff, I don't have the exact release date, but what Sidhu mentioned above should support your use case. Once this lookup field is exposed under the CTA action, you should be able to map it to the Opportunity ID, as long as it is available in the queried fields (from source table the rule is primarily built on + SFDC Account data + Gainsight Customer data).
Manu / Sidhu - is this live? i.e. The ability to automatically link a CTA to another object via a lookup field using the Rules Engine? I can't find this option in the UI and don't see any articles or release notes on it.
Not yet Michael. We will mostly take this up post our Feb release. I will update again once we have a better ETA. 
Hi Sidhu, any update on this functionality to create the CTA link while doing firing the Rule?
Hi Sidhu, any update on this functionality to create the CTA link while doing firing the Rule?
Wanted to check in on this one! Still a valuable feature!
My Team was wondering if there was a way to attach/link projects to a CTA. object = Project.

Just curious on the update for linking objects to CTAs?
We will be providing the ability to link records to a CTA from rules engine as long as the the record id is selected as part of the Rule Setup. 

So if you have linked Opportunity to CTAs and are creating rules on the Opportunity object to create a CTA, then you will be able to link the created CTA to the Opportunity (And similarly to a Project object).

We are currently targeting this for our Jan 2017 release. 

This capability is available now.