Ability to add Milestone Flags to Graphs, Charts, Reports


We may notice a bump or spike in activity of some kind, but don't have a way to easily show WHY it happened. Maybe the CS team recommended a customer perform some changes, maybe the product team released new capabilities. Would be great to be able to optionally visualize this.


Have a free-form "milestones" section that functions much like the Product Mapper (from a hierarchy perspective). These "Modules" are places that people can put milestones (title, short description, date). From within a report, a user can easily enable visualizing a "module" and any milestones below it would show for any date-based charts. Could be a simple flag pole on the chart with a title, and when you hover over it it provides the description.


Easily see exactly WHAT caused the change in adoption, retention, utilization, or any other chart-based graph. See something weird in a graph? Turn on ALL milestones and see if something might have triggered it.

Wow, this sounds like a great idea. As long as you are not attaching the milestone to the spike itself, but instead the time/date (you do mention a date-based chart). This way, milestones are defined in a way that allows visualizing correlations rather than locking in a causation definition which could be patently untrue.

That's exactly my thinking, Mike. Attaching to a chart is not valuable. Mapping various milestones (based on date) to whatever chart you're looking at is.

The hierarchy part is to give someone the ability to focus on just their "own" milestones. LIke, maybe CS has a bunch of milestones they've done with customers, or Product has a list of release dates, yada... That way you can pick a bucket of milestones to visualize based on topic.

Another good idea!

cc: @mickey @ciarapeter Very much aligns with our #bettertogether strength!

+1 for me!

Great idea, Al - recorded this idea in a possible upcoming concept. We've been thinking about a way to set goals / benchmarks and this fits with that theme nicely.