Ability to add a custom article as a hyperlink in the KC Bot onboarding Tab

Posting on behalf of a customer:

Currently, we can add articles present in the knowledge bases we integrate, and to redirect users to custom article(not in knowledge base) we have to put the target URL in an engagement and add that in KCB, but it would be very helpful if we could add custom articles as a hyperlink in the onboarding tab of the KC Bot.

This would allow user to simply click on the text(hyperlink) to land them on the custom article. 

@srinivas myakala Thanks for bringing this for here.I am redirecting this to our product team for more visibility.

Seems like a similar issue has been opened here - 


Any chance for a status update on this? 

I would like to add a URLs into the KC bot that link to external articles (opens in a new tab) without the need for an engagement or articles. We have our own help documentation pages and would like to link directly to those pages with one click from the KC bot. Currently upon clicking it opens an article or engagement so the user has to then click “read more” to open the page. That’s about 2-3 clicks needed (added friction) when they are probably frustrated looking for help information.

This new functionality is included in the most recent PX release.  Check it out!

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