Ability for Users to create recurring CTA

Hi Gainsight Team,

Our CSM’s would like the ability to create recurring CTAs for recurring engagements they have with their customers. Depending on the customer, they may have a different cadence set. It would be great if it could function similar to recurring calendar features where you could do the following:

  • Setup a recurring CTA for a period of time (maybe up to 6 or 12 months?)
  • Recurring CTA can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly. 
  • Monthly and bi-monthly meetings fall on the same day in the month - e.g. 3rd Tue of each month | 2nd Thu of other month.
  • Ability to delete a recurring series of CTAs
  • Ability to change the cadence of a whole set of CTAs - which might require a full delete / new set of recurring CTAs
  • Ability to delete or change the date for just one CTA - happens often
  • From an Admin standpoint, it would be helpful to assign this setting to a certain CTA Type so CSMs can create recurring events for certain engagements, not all. 

When looking at a view of upcoming CTAs, where recurring CTAs are shown, you either want to see just the next recurring CTA (only) or else set the view to be a rolling N months in future.  Currently I believe you can set to “view this quarter” which doesn’t help if you’re on the last day of the quarter If recurring isn’t possible, the ability to clone an existing CTA with a new due date, prior to completing a previous CTA, would be a good alternative.

@rsivesind Thanks writing all the your use-cases here. We do have the ability to create the recurring CTA’s currently but with not all you asked.  I am redirecting this to the product team. 


@rsivesind did my comments help you here? or do you need any help here?

Thanks @sai_ram! This information was helpful, I would still love to see the additional features in my previous comment but this will help our team get up and running. 

Thanks for checking in.

Thank you for the feedback. Points 1,2,3 and 6 can be solved currently with existing recurring CTA functionality and point 4 can be solved by mass edit. We will follow this post to see if there are more upvotes to solve points 5 and 7. Thank you.


Thanks for this thread.  I do not see the Recurring Event box when creating a CTA nor an activity.  Is there a setting that needs to be configured to access this option?  



@rho_ran_experian Which edition of Gainsight are you in? SFDC or NXT?

Hi Sriram.  My implementation team was able to help me with this request.  Thanks for your follow up.

New Admin for my group here. Looks like I can set recurring in a Lifecycle type event but not in other categories. Any place that I can change this setting? Thanks.

@mark7669  You can make any CTA type recurring from the cockpit admin setting “Administration > Call to Action”. You have a column called “Recurring” against each CTA type. By default, we enable “Recurring” for Lifecycle CTAs only. Hope this helps.


Hello Team,

Do we have the ability to stop the CTA’s. 
I mean stop the recurring event.




Bumping this up, it would be nice to have an admin overview of recurring ctas so that we could edit the cadence or stop it. 

We’d like to upvote this as well as far as the ability to edit once the series is created.

Additionally, It doesn’t seem like the “Is Recurring” flag on the CTA object populates as expected. This makes it difficult to tell how many recurring CTAs may actually be present in the system.

Any update on the ability to stop a recurring CTA after it’s been created?

@sriram pasupathi - is it possible to make all the default CTA Types eligible to be recurring? It seems like I can only keep Lifecycle as recurring but can’t edit the others to make them recurring. Let me know if I’m missing something… I can edit all attributes associated with each Type except for the Recurring box...