Ability for Rules to run more frequently than once a day

We have the need to have Rules run more frequently than once a day for urgent SLAs.  Would like the ability to select frequency on the Rules.
Agree - there are some rules that need to run multiple times a day.
Leslie / Kristin,  Thanks for your feedback, this enhancement is under consideration. I have a few question on this,

What kind of action is it going perform? If the action is to insert a record then we need to have the capability to apply a time filter to enable the rule to consider only the records that is modified after the last rule run (time). Right now you can filter to pull in the records that was created / modified either today or yesterday, which might result in duplicate action triggers if scheduled multiple times in a day.

If it is not an insert or create new operation, then you can clone the rules and schedule at different times in the day to achieve more frequency, as a temporary workaround.
Hi Sundar -

For us, it would be running a rule that looks for Closed-Won Opportunities, does a sync to add the Customer to Gainsight and creates an onboarding CTA. At the end of the quarter we have high volume and anxious Customers. There is a a concern about waiting overnight for rules to run. Our previous process had onboarding tasks assigned via workflow rule the moment a new deal was Closed-Won. Our first end of quarter on Gainsight is coming up here at the end of July, so I will get more real world requirements. I am anticipating this being an request from the AM team.


Hi Sudar, 

Ours is in conjunction with interesting moments that need to be created within Marketo due to Application Crashes.  It is a part of a larger project we are doing within the Gainsight application. Denise Stokowski or Manu Mittal may be able to shed some more light from a Gainsight perspective.
Kristin, As a work around, you can clone the rule into multiple and configure it to run at different times in a day. Will that work for you in short-term until this enhancement is shipped?

Leslie, I am aware of your requirement interesting moments, we don't have a straight forward solution for now. We are working on a solution for that. Will keep you posted on this.
Hi Kristin,

What Sundar proposed could address your needs, since both these actions -- loading Customers and creating CTAs -- have some built-in control over how many times they execute. For loading Customers, we simply update existing Customer records, so there is no issue even if the same Opportunity is part of multiple rules. For creating CTAs, we don't create a new CTA if there is one already open with the same type and reason (this CTA 'uniqueness' criteria will be made more configurable in one of the upcoming releases).

Hi Leslie,

In your case, the action is to talk to Marketo, and these controls don't apply there. So if we clone/copy rules and take the same action multiple times a day, the only way to not repeat Interesting Moments is to make sure we are filtering (acting on) the right events. Our time filtering capabilities are not this granular currently, like Sundar mentioned. Another option is to somehow flag the events that were already passed to Marketo -- might not be practical, given the data volumes. We would need a much more robust solution here, and the team is thinking about how we can best align with our roadmap.
Hi Manu,

Yes, creating cloned rules works for us. I would like to see the ability to schedule multiple rules execution times simply to manage the number of rules being created. Also, if I have to modify the criteria as we expand use of Gainsight, there is only 1 rule to modify for this use case.


This is a must for us.  We need to be able to monitor certain customer activities on a round the clock basis and create CTAs based on specific customer actions.  The multi-rule approach is not ideal and creates additional overhead to manage.    High Priority for Red Hat.
Jeff, Quick question - What is the frequency that you would wish to run these rules?
Hourly would work for us I believe.
Any update on this? I have a few rules that I need to run many times in a day (about 10) and right now I'm having to create multiple rules to accomplish this. This becomes very time consuming when making a change to the rule (has to be done for every clone).
I also need this feature and am interested in the progress on it.
We would love this feature! Hourly would be good enough for us as well. Please provide an update when possible. 
Need this feature. We need this run hourly. Is there an update on this?
If you can't change all rules to run real time or periodically like hourly for commercial reasons, what about being able to select frequency for rules... every hour, every 3 hours etc...  That way if I need to modify a rule I could do it once.  Default could be every 24 hours.
This sounds like something that would benefit most customers.  Can this be fasttracked onto the roadmap?
We are working towards it in multi-step. First step would be rule chains and then parallel run of rules and as final step we would enable increasing the frequency of the rules.

Some background on this:

As you know all the rules (for each customer) would run in a sequence defined by the scheduled time. This is essential and it causes the total time taken to complete all the rules anywhere from 1-8 hours. The long running rules for most customers is influenced by the SFDC API response time majorly among other reasons, and thats not within Gainsight's control. By increasing the frequency of rules this will increase to unmanageable levels.

Why doesn't the rules run in parallel now? 

We can't have the rules read / write into the same object and if we have to support then heavy instrumentation should be done in Gainsight's platform which is the second enhancement I mentioned above. 

The long term would look like this

  1. Organize the rules that needs to run in a sequence with dependency within a rule chain
  2. Rule chains and other custom rules would run in parallel with inbuilt protection (No read/write on same object simultaneously)
  3. Rules can be scheduled to run at a lower frequency. 

Our situation:

  1. We have cloned the rule that pushes new customers after closed won status occurs for that customer
  2. We have closed the rule that creates an onboarding CTA for the new customer

Problem: if that CTA is closed within that same day, the cloned CTA rule will be re-run and applied again so that the same CTA will appear for that customer.

Will date/time functions solve this issue where:

CTA:Created Date >= Subtract 1 Day from Rule Date ?

or do we also have to include CTA:Created date < Add 1 Day from Rule Date ?
Hi Sundar,

Is there an update on this?  We have a need to run an alert rule to run once an hour to meet SLA expectations.


Leslie Morgan
Hi Sundar,

I understand that technical challenges and limitations exist.  At the same time from my experience with other rules engines (Example: Blazes Advisor or others), my expectations are so high.  Love Gainsight, but...
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Customer would like to have real time access for CTAs for Rules creation (or as close to real time as possible). Would like ability to have real time data vs. creating 24 rules for each hour in the day.
Hello - I would like to create a rule where if you marked a CTA as a certain Stage (i.e. "closed - Product issues") it would trigger a new CTA with the playbook called "Product Issues".

Right now, our work flow is to identify customer's reason through low usage, and if we engage with them we mark the stage of the CTA as the reason for low usage (i.e. "product" as marked above). From there, we manually create another CTA on the account that has the "product issues" playbook. I'd love for this to just trigger off as soon as I mark that stage on the CTA rather than needing to manually trigger another CTA.

If this is currently possible without the rules engine, please let me know. Thanks!
A similar but slightly different use case. We would like to trigger a 'post onboarding tasks' CTA to fire as soon as the 'new merchant training' CTA is completed. Our onboarding specialist have post onboarding tasks and will need to add additional custom tasks (depending on the needs of the customer). Ideally they have the "post onboarding tasks" CTA ready and waiting for them as soon as the training event is completed. 

I can run the rule multiple times a day, but it would be great if you could set a rule to trigger any time a specific CTA is closed!
you can trigger off the close of a CTA. We simply created a different CTA type and used that in the rule. But yes, nothing will auto trigger at this time but usually my guys/gals are happy to just finish the one CTA and move on to the next to get the follow up CTA the next day. 
Hi Osha,

Can you expand a little bit more into what the use case looks like where the next set of tasks have to be fired and actioned on within less than a day from when the previous set of tasks is completed? We find that in most cases, running that rule once every 24 hours is sufficient for the needs of the business, but would love to understand the time criticality around your use case.