Ability for each user to select the reports they want in the success snapshot

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Currently our success snapshots have multiple slides that display the same data but in different formats. The user then goes through and deletes what they do not want to show the customer. it would be ideal for the user to hit the export button and then a configuration window pops up where they can check a box next to the reports they want to see and potentially in whatever order they want to see them. All I would have to do as an admin is supply the reports for that Success Snapshot that would be included in the list of reports to "check" as a user. 
Thanks for your feedback Andrew. Many customers want admins to control the slides export so as to follow a certain flow, but I understand your use case. We will look into. In the mean time, could you create a 'master success snapshot' which has all the reports you'd want CSMs to pick from in a template, so that when a user exports, they get all the slides and can simply delete the ones they don't want?
That's what we currently do
Andrew, one of the other use cases we are look at is allow for sorting slides from the uploaded template from the slides create with Gainsight. As we do this, we can extend that to support your use case, but we'll need to do a bit more research on the UX. Thanks. 
yes please. Let me know if I can help in any way.