Ability for CSMs to mass update tasks/CTAs across clients

One of the pain points our team recently expressed is the requirement to click on each individual CTA to close it. What would be better is if the team could click through all the boxes at once and then apply an action, whether it’s Mark Closed Success, Mark Closed No Action, or something else, all at once. Currently, a user has to click on the CTA in Cockpit and then answer a dialog prompt asking “Should we change the status of all open tasks to Closed for you?”

Why would the user be clicking on the box if that is not the original intent?

Making the UI more user-friendly would greatly help our Onboarding Managers and CSMs who carry heavy account loads and would reduce the need to supplement with outside PM tools to accomplish the same. 

Hi @ana_g :

Thanks for sharing this. On the prompt asking the user to confirm if all tasks need to be closed, we are thinking of a different approach of auto-closing the tasks and then giving the user an option to undo it (so that it would not block the users). 

On giving the CSM bulk edit capabilities, its not there on our short term roadmap. The main reason is that we need more permission capabilities (eg a user can only edit/update the CTA’s they own or users cannot bulk delete CTA).

@ana_g did you get a chance to view the comments posted by @aditya_marla 

@ana_g did you get a chance to view the comments?

@sai_ram I think that the NXT UI actually solves this a bit as it seems a lot more intuitive. We haven’t migrated yet so I can’t confirm, but from what I’ve seen I bet our users will be happier with the new Cockpit experience.