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Been working through some Scorecard changes using Scorecard 2.0 and am really struggling to use the Rule results as I am trying to QA the rule. There is virtually no easily identifiable information in the rule results that would assist in testing and quality assurance. It's strictly a document which contains a ton of account IDS many of which don't tie to the SF IDs.

For example the 36 Character "Relationship ID" that displays does not tie back to the Salesforce relationship ID. I am assuming this is some MDA id, which is not particularly helpful.

What I would like to see is this look more like the rule results for Scorecard 1.0 and include:
  • Salesforce Account ID
  • Salesforce Relationship ID
  • Account Name
  • Relationship Name
  • Scorecard Name Applied Too
  • Previous Score

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Matthew Weinreb

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Posted 3 months ago

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Hi Matthew,

Thanks for posting this. Currently, the GSID's of company/relationship are shown in the excel sheet. The corresponding SFDC ID's are present on the Company/Relationship you would need to get that data and match the GSID with the SFDC ID. 
Is the SFDC ID important or would also showing the Company Name (along with the GSID) be sufficient?
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Matthew Weinreb

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My goal would be able to do this without Vlookups in Excel. At a minimum I would say it would be the Account ID, Name and Customer Number, relationship name and the scorecard it was applied to.

In a best case, anywhere in the document where there is a ID, I would like to see the cooresponding text.

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Aditya Marla, Employee

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Completely agree....thanks a lot for sharing this
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can we work on making our scorecard rule results clearer?.

I had a customer just bring up the fact that the emailed file we send for scorecard results is very hard to analyze. When digging into to learn more about why a customer's health has changed, this is what we see: 

I have to think there's some kind of way we can either include the company's name or SFDC Account ID and make this more user-friendly. 

(I'm a little surprised I haven't already seen this posted actually)
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Matthew Weinreb

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100% agree!
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+1 for this.  The lack of identifying customer name or SFDC account id makes it a bit tough to validate that rules are writing to the correct records.
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+1 for my customer (Resultados Digitas) as well : The report results of rule execution on scorecard trend object are not so informative because of the results (different id's) that it brings. It should bring some referral key like SFDC account id.