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We are just getting started with Gainsight (we haven't gone live yet), and I am considering replacing our existing survey / form provider (Cognito) with Gainsight Surveys. 

I have a couple questions around Gainsights Surveys functionality, would appreciate if people could shed some light on:
  1. When sending a survey via Gainsight, does it automatically know the account involved based on contact details and can you then filter and analyse results based on any account fields? (region, or business type for example)
  2. Can Survey results be used to determine part of the health calculation?
  3. Can performance feedback related questions (rate this training) be related to a particular Gainsight user (one of our trainers) and a report be built to show feedback on a trainer by trainer basis?
  4. Do you have to use Journey Orchestrator to send out a survey that is triggered by a certain days after a client goes live? And to automate that a follow up email is sent to those that don't respond?
  5. If Journey Orchestrator does need to be used for this, are the analytics for the survey as comprehensive as if it is sent via Surveys? Can the results still be displayed in the Surveys section of the C360?
  6. Our initial survey would be quite comprehensive and some of our teams only need to know about certain responses. Can we send notification emails that only inclue results that pertain to them? (they use trello and apparently full results will interfere with their process)
  7. For the Gainsight team - are there any plans to include other field types in Surveys? We ask our customers to upload photos, logo files, in our questionnaire and would very helpful to have an upload field type
Thanks in advance. It's a big change for us to move from Cognito as we gather so much information about our clients there and want to make sure Gainsight has the functionality we need before making the plunge!

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Faelan Herriott

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Posted 1 month ago

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Tim Schukar, Employee

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Hey Faelan!  

My guidance is below.  Let me know if you have additional questions/clarifications?

1. Yes.  When you send a Program via Journey Orchestrator, you tie in the Account ID (and likely Contact ID) when you build your participants list.  You can then view analytics by program, by Account or even by Contact.

2. Yes.  You can either have a survey question response feed a health score (e.g. Likelihood to Renewl) or you can have participation in a survey provide an engagement health score.

3. Yes.  We have the concept of Related Objects that can tie the survey to a specific "transaction" - be it a Case or some sort of Engagement.

4. We recommend using JO for ease of use and flexibility.  For this particular use case, you would build a dynamic entry list that would look for any client that has gone live "X" days ago and start the program.  Then based on calculated fields (e.g. response to a survey), you can provide logic that either brances the program or creates a CTA for manual CSM intervention.

5. JO does not currently feed into the Survey section in C360 (but will soon).  We can however create a report to embed on the C360 or feed the answers into the Survey's section via the Data Import Wizard.

6. We can configure CTAs to be generated based on certain scores in the responses during the survey set-up.  If those teammembers do NOT have access to gainsight, we could set up an Internal Email Chain JO that would look for responses to certain questions and notify them via email.

7. I'm not sure on the attachment types question, but will follow up internally.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks for your reply, Tim. Appreciate you taking the time to clarify. 

So if Journey Orchestrator is better in this case, in what situations would it be better to use Surveys?

Would the report being fed into the C360 be able to show all of the answers for a survey related to that account?
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Tim Schukar, Employee

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JO is the facilitator for the surveys.  You would still create the survey in "Surveys", but then craft the delivery of that survey via JO.  That data would still flow into the C360 as normal.