[Feature Request] Multiple 2.0 Scorecards For Each Account

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I would really appreciate the ability to have multiple 2.0 scorecards running for each account.

My use case:

I have my customer health scorecard, which is keeping track of things like CSM sentiment, NPS score, Support tickets, etc.

I also want to have a scorecard to breakdown our customer's usage into each of it's features. We have different features that customer will pay differently for, and we want to make sure that customers are using the features they're paying for. The features fall into three categories, Core, Premium and Pro. I want to have an rolled-up score for each of those categories as well as an overall score for all the features.

Currently, I need to have both of these scorecards merged together on one scorecard. This causes problems for a few reasons:
  1. The scorecard is very large and hard to read. Even with each of the three Features tiers grouped together, I can't put those groups into a "features" group on their own because scorecards doesn't support nested groups
  2. Using the groups, I can roll up each tier into a tier score (A core score, a premium score, etc.) but I cannot roll them all into an Overall score. I worked around this by creating a bionic rule to calculate the Overall score myself, but all I can do is average the three tiers together. All the measures have specific weights assigned to them, and when I just average out the scores, it doesn't rollup to be a true reflection of churn risk. 
These issues could be solved if I was able to create two 2.0 scorecards that could both be kept updated for each account. Alternatively, the ability to create nested groups would solve both of these problems as well. I know there is an issue where you cannot move a measure into a group after it's been established though, so I would also need the ability to do that so that I can keep all the historical data gathered so far. 

These ideas would greatly improve my experience with Gainsight as a whole, and would make mine, and our CSMs lives much easier in the future. 
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Dallis King

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Posted 11 months ago

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Abhishek Sivaraman, Senior Product Manager

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Hi Dallis,

Thanks for sharing this use case. We will prioritize this based on similar use cases we hear from customers for the same.

Abhishek S
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++ To this request

We have multiple customer-types, lifecycle stages, product features, and other initiatives where we'd want to track several data points that roll up to an overall health score. Because we're limited to one active scorecard per customer, we're unable to do this.
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Dan Ahrens, Gainster (employee)

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Hi Teena,

Scorecards 2.0 does support multiple scorecard configurations that you can specify using logic rules which scorecard should be used for each customer based on customer type, lifecycle stages, product features, etc. 

Check out this feature explained here: https://support.gainsight.com/Product_Documentation/Scorecards_(1.0_and_2.0)/Admin_Configuration/Con...

This multiple scorecard functionality also operates dynamically so as a customer transitions from one lifecycle stage to another, the scorecards change on their own. It's a pretty powerful feature!
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Hi Dan, and thank you for the feedback. While I understand we can have multiple scorecards exist at once, we cannot have multiple active scorecards on the same customer -- which is where our issue is.
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Aditya Marla, Employee

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Hi Teena,

Thanks a lot for sharing this. A couple of questions I had on the same:

 - How many measures do you want to track per account? Is there any specific reason you want them to be captured in 2 separate scorecards over a single one (with maybe each set of measures under a group)? (Is it more about the UX, where consuming the scores becomes difficult / any other reason?)

- Lets say you can have 2 active scorecards for an account, there would be 2 overall scores for an account. Which one would you consider as the actual score of that account? (Or what might be the ideal way it should work for your use case)

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Hi Aditya,

We're still playing around and learning how many measures we want to track (no more than a dozen), but if we had multiple scorecards, we'd want to track ~twice as many. 

As far as the primary health score card, the one that's applied to our users that are "live"; this is more about their overall health, politics, how they feel about the product, are they meeting expectations around activations and engagement, etc (we're utilizing groups)...

In tandem with that, we'd like to track their instance health in a much more granular way, since we have 3 different user types to our single customer. 

Of course, we "could" do this on the same scorecard, but we look at this information in different ways. In addition to that, while there are groups on scorecards, it's too cluttered, too messy. We want our team to see very clearly what they're looking at. 

If we had 2 actives scorecards on the account, we would have a primary health one (this represents the relationship with the school, having ~8-12 measures and groups) and a secondary card that represents their instance health (data, granular engagement, feature usage, etc). 

This would also align better w/our team structure, where there are two account manager types on a single account (University partnership manager, who is more strategic and interacts with key stakeholders, and a university success manager, who is more focused on day-to-day operations)

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Aditya Marla, Employee

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Got it...thanks for sharing this Teena. One question, so these would be like 2 independent scorecards (i.e the overall score of the primary health scorecard would be dependent only its measures & similarly, the instance health measures roll up to the secondary scorecard)