Is there a way to search for Contacts/Users directly in Gainsight?

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Similar to how we can search for Accounts using the search window, is there a way to search for Users/Contacts by typing there name in?

Currently, the search option only allows for searching by Account name. However, for our Enterprise accounts, with users or contacts numbering in the hundreds per account, it would be much easier in some situations to search for the user directly. 

This would be similar to the search bar in Salesforce, that allows for Accounts or Users or Emails, etc. 

I couldn't find a quick way to set this up or if this was even possible? 
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Manmeet Dosanjh, Champion

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Posted 3 months ago

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Dan Ahrens, Gainster (employee)

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Interesting suggestion. 

Right now, searching for an account or relationship name gives you a list of matches and you can click on one of the results to be taken to the C360 or R360 page for that account or relationship. 

If search for contact was provided, and you clicked on one of the results, what Gainsight page do you envision being pulled up?

now...that's for today's functionality...

Part of our roadmap is to create a new "Person 360" page similar to the Contact page on SFDC for person specific actions and it would logically make sense to allow searching for a person and clicking on one of the results to be taken to the Person 360 page for that person.
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Manmeet Dosanjh, Champion

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Hmm, I would say just to the C360 page would save them some time. 

To add on to the search feature, I think it would also be really nice if we could use the keyboard command arrows to drop down from the search window to select an account. It doesn't sound like a big deal but it does get rather annoying having to type in the account name and then using your mouse to select the actual account. 

I do like the idea of a "Person (User/Contact) 360" page similar to the Contact page in SFDC. One of the biggest gripes our CSMs have is that there isn't a dedicated page in GS for the contact like in SF. If they had that "Person 360" page that tracks user specific actions and can be searched for, I know they would love that feature. 
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Pawan Kumar Adda, Product Manager

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Thanks, Manmeet Dosanjh. 

I totally understand the value that "ability to find contacts or user" would add to the product. And as Dan commented we are actively exploring this option as part of the Person 360 module.

However, I had a question regarding your post. What are some of the follow-up actions that you would perform after you search for a contact or users? We have a good understanding of these actions for account and relationships, but knowing contact's would help us design a better experience for our end users. 
For example:
- Is the goal to just find the phone number or email address to contact them quickly?
- Is it to modify contact information or maintain notes?
- or prepare for an upcoming call with the contact?

Thank you.
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Manmeet Dosanjh, Champion

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Hi Pawan,

Some things that I am thinking that would be helpful on a "Person 360" module would be:

- Ability to view all CTAs/Timeline Activities linked to that Contact. Similar to an Activity History object from SFDC

- Create CTAs or Timeline Activities (that roll up to the Account page and would be view able in the C360 page)

- View Contact Information and ability to add Notes regarding Contact

- Ability to create Reports and add them to this page, similar to how we use the C360 page. Ex: A Usage reports for this Contact (mimic the ability for custom tabs like we have in C360) 
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Hey, @Dan and @Pawan, "Person 360" page similar to the Contact page on SFDC, is sounding great.
@Manmeet , Changing this to an idea post, will post the updates here. Thanks for posting 
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Awesome, thank you Sai!