Help. Send a CTA Summary to Manager using CoPilot?

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I've found several post that touch base on this - but nothing that really matches what I'm looking for.  While I have a few scenarios, they all go in line with the below that I'm trying to figure out how to make work, if it's even possible - and if not, How are managers getting Summary emails (Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly)?

Ask:  One of the Mangers over a large group of CSM's would like a daily morning email that lets him know what CTAs are coming due today for his group.  

What I have so far:  I created a simple report for him (bar graph since we can't do table (yet...maybe).  I created a template in CoPilot and in the Outreach set to the report inside.  [On the report itself I have it set to a custom filter called Manager that we created so that everyone that reports to him, he can see.  Makes keeping up with Dashboards a lot easier now.]  However, my problem is that 'Manager' isn't an option as a filter when setting the Dashboard.  And I either have to set it to an account or contact.  And when I do either of those - it throws the data in the report that I'm trying to send him.

Question: Is it possible to add the 'Manager' filter (or other filters) to the filter options?  Or is their a work around so I can send him this daily dashboard?

Any help and feedback is greatly appreciated! This community is awesome! :)
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Posted 5 months ago

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Hi Sagan!
I have to say I'm not 100% clear on why a filter would be available on a report and not a Dashboard. I don't use Dashboards enough. It's possible that filters on Text fields are not available. When you do the filtering in the Report, does it ask you to enter the plaintext name of the manager, or does it give you the search-for-a-user interface?

Another thought that comes to mind:
What object is your report based on? "Call to Action"? If so, you could try creating a Data Space instead, so you can include the lookup from
Call to Action --AssigneeID--> User --ManagerID--> User
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Hi Seth!

While Manager is a text field - in the report, we're able to start typing in the Managers name and select it.  It's not a drop down style.  So I guess it's using the 'search-for-a-user interface'.  I was trying to stay away from a Data Space honestly.  I haven't exactly started to dive into those yet.  I'm still new and maintain them, but I haven't built one.

It would be cool if CoPilot would send the report without the additional 'connector' filter.  But I get it.  Maybe I'm missing something else.
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Sagan, I'd like to suggest you register for the Admin Office Hours on Thursday to get some hands-on assistance with this. Here is the link to the thread on Admin Office Hours on 5/3, which includes the link to register. You can also post there the questions you have or perhaps just add a link to this thread, so that Evan can see what you are looking to accomplish on the call and be prepared to provide assistance on that specifically.  
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Thanks Tracy!!
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Hi Sagan,

One way i would suggest is to Share the Dashboard to the Manager(Via Sharing Functionality), which always show live data. In the report use the date filter as Today so that the report show updated data ever time. 

Let me know in case of any questions, will be happy to help.

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Hey Hitesh!

This works actually as a workaround.  He's not a fan of the Power Point slide format, but it's the one that can be automated.  The one time share it likes the best - but that can't be automated (from what I can tell).

Thank you everyone!!