Gainsight Integration with Collaboration Tools e.g. Slack

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Hi All,

Many of you might already be using collaboration tools (e.g. Slack, Cisco Spark, MS Teams) to communicate with colleagues, partners, customers. We plan to integrate with these collaborations tools to

  • Provide access to Gainsight over these collaboration tools that users are already familiar with to interact with Gainsight product.

  • Provide access to information that resides in Gainsight to broaden the consumption and value to the customers
The kind of use cases we plan to solve are:
  • Query & Fetch data from Gainsight
  • Receive Notifications from Gainsight.
  • Update data in Gainsight.
  • Push Data from Gainsight.
Need your inputs on the following:
  • Do you use Slack or any other collaborations products (e.g. Cisco Spark, Microsoft Teams etc.)?
  • Would you like to use Gainsight on these collaboration products?
  • Any specific use cases that you wish this integration solves?
  • Would you be interested to take part if we launch a beta program?
Your inputs would help us in solving the right problem and the direction we need to take.

Photo of Rajesh Gande

Rajesh Gande, Official Rep

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Posted 1 year ago

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Photo of Seth

Seth, Employee

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Was thrilled to see this announced at Pulse!
  1. We are heavy Slack users
  2. Absolutely
  3. There are two fundamental pain points I would like to solve: (a) for CSMs, I would suspect that they think, "geez, I should check out my Cockpit or My Customers Scorecard Overview, but that's going to make so much work for me to do, not just reaching out to customers, but also tweaking CTA due dates and customer notes. Let me just check my email inbox instead." I would like to offer CSMs, via Slack, a series of microinteractions to basically give them a never-ending feed of things they could work on, but giving them just one or two at a time, like "Sally, what's next?" (overdue CTAs, for example) or "Sally, what's new?" (new CTAs or customers whose health just turned Red, for example) (b) For the executive and sales teams, I don't want to have to teach them the Gainsight interface. I want them to be able to use Slack to get an overview of a customer that includes health metrics, CTAs, the CSM's notes and/or Timeline activities, Success Plans, etc.
  4. Hell yeah
Photo of Rajesh Gande

Rajesh Gande, Official Rep

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Thanks for the interest! Your suggestions on Microinteractions are interesting. Will definitely give this more thought.
Photo of Janet H

Janet H

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Rajesh, please include us in your discussions on this, as we would be extremely interested in engaging with Gainsight on this.
Photo of Rajesh Gande

Rajesh Gande, Official Rep

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Thanks Janet for your interest. Will include you in future discussions / updates.
Photo of Nora Soza

Nora Soza, Champion

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We're on Slack all day -- and the GIFs are endless : )

The ability not only for CSMs but leadership to quickly call up notes --- In a meeting, whats the current status on X customer -- ask Sally, get the deets. 

We would love to participate in early access / feedback too!
Photo of Rajesh Gande

Rajesh Gande, Official Rep

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Thanks Nora for your interest. Will keep you updated as and when we make progress.
I spend all day in Cisco Spark and would LOVE Gainsight/Spark integration!
Photo of Rajesh Gande

Rajesh Gande, Official Rep

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Thanks Roxana for your input. Spark integration is on the future roadmap.
Photo of Cornelia Hubner

Cornelia Hubner

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I would vote for an integration with Spark.
Photo of Bill Davis

Bill Davis

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Make it happen in Slack.

Give people the ability to get a Customer Scorecard directly from Gainsight and visible in Slack on the fly.
Photo of Elizabeth Schaffer

Elizabeth Schaffer

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We use Slack constantly! It would be great to have an integration with this. 
Escalated support ticket CTAs pinging a CSM on Slack is my immediate thought on a great use case for this. 
Keep us in mind for a beta program!
Photo of Andy Roy

Andy Roy

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Another Slack-centric workplace here.  Rule execution updates, customer summary/scorecard/usage info, CTA task alerts...all would be great.

A feed of NPS comments would be pretty sweet too.  :)
Photo of Ruth Cockshott

Ruth Cockshott

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We are using Microsoft Teams, and it would be great if Gainsight could integrate. It would be particularly useful if it could update your calendar with CTAs, and also interact through the 'chat' function in a similar way to how Seth was suggesting for Slack. 
Photo of Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth Best

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We're interested in the MS Teams integration.