Follow Up: The ability to change the "FROM" email address when using the email assist feature

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Follow up to this idea:

Looking for the ability to customize specifically the "from email" and "from name" in the email assist tool for our pooled account management program not just the send domain. We can control this in gmail using the from dropdown (see screenshot) and in co-pilot via the standard form:


Use-case 1 -- Advisors (scaled CSMs) have consultation with a customer. They create a CTA and apply the post-consultation playbook which includes an email with a post-consultation materials. Using the above advisor as an example - the email should come from Sumat Lam "". That way if the customer responds to the email, it is pushed back into the ticketing pool.

Use-case 2 (per Lane H.) -- Coverage while a CSM is OOO (maternity / paternity leave)

I do agree --- exposing this to everyone can be risky. Controls would need to be put in place to validate senders to specific email addresses.

Ideas around access: 
Designate a set of 'approved list of send from email addresses'. A CSM wouldn't be able to put anyone's email address in, but could choose from a list of available options. That way an email address could be exposed for a certain time -- like maternity/paternity leave, but then removed once the mom/dad returns. 

Permissions to 'approved send from lists' could be controlled by User, Role, and/or Profile.

I think a combination of the above would be perfect to protect against risk.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Lane H, Employee

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We have a need for this as well. I would want this feature limited to our Senior CSMs as well as Admins.
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Nitisha Rathi, Employee

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This is in our roadmap but the ETA is not decided yet. I will post the update once we decide the ETA.

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Lorena Vargas

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We have a need for this too. My CSMs work in a team environment, where they work in a shared inbox. Using their personal email addresses will just confuse the customer. Hope to see this feature rolled out in the near future!
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Phil Kowalski

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Our tech-touch team would love this feature. Each rep has their own book of customers, but customers reach out to a general, team oriented, email account
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Phil Hart

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Upvote from us; we have recently adopted a CSM-team based approach for our lower touch customers. If we send from Gmail, we can choose "success@" but this is not available in Cockpit.

I'd be interested to know what Gainsight CSMs do as they have themselves?
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We literally did the same thing. It is so nice. It is also much more trackable in terms of "what is your day-to-day" workload. This is great for our manager of CS to know who is getting hammered and who has capacity.

If we could email out from success@, we could have CTA interactions funnel to that same system.
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Phil, we used to have a CSM-team based approach. I created a Salesforce User (we had extra licenses lying around), with its email address being csm@, and made it the CSM for all of those Accounts. It was useful for Co-Pilot and Surveys, just not Email Assist.
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We want to be able to have CSMs send Email Assists from our "accounting@" email address, for the "your auto-renewal is coming up" notification, so it can feel as automated as it is. However, we want the reply-to to go to the individual CSM.
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Amy Perrin

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This is very important to achieving an efficient workflow for our team and would largely increase the use of Gainsight beyond our more standard CoPilot outreach.  
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Tom Gerth, Employee

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+1 for this!  This would help customers more efficiently manage email assist tasks!
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Renee House, Champion

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+1 for this feature.  We have a pooled model and want them to use Email Assist to send from the generic e-mail.  When is this feature expected to be released on the roadmap?
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+1 as well. Allow Organization-Wide Email Addresses similar to other features in Gainsight.
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Hi everyone,

I can't remember the last time I saw an idea with 30 "me toos". :)

I asked our Product team to provide an update, so stay tuned!
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Hi All,

We understand the use-cases and this feature is on the roadmap but may not be available for another 3-4 months. We will post updates once we have clarity on the ETA.

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Has anyone found any workarounds to be able to send from Gainsight while we wait on the ability to send from a different from address?