Email Assist log to Timeline doesn't populate mandatory field

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Recently Gainsight deployed the ability to make fields on Timeline Activities mandatory.  Without this capability, I was previously not able to Sync to Salesforce events because it requires an Activity End Date was not populated

Per L2 support, any record that was saved without an Activity End Date would cause the sync process to "break."

Now that I can make the Activity End Date field mandatory, manually logged Timeline activities prompt the user to fill out the Activity End Date before logging. Which is great


Email Assist auto-logged activities cause a problem for me because this mandatory field is not populated when logged. I feel like anything that causes a Sync process to break is a bug. I've also opened up a support ticket on this.

The only workaround, I suppose, is to sync everything to Tasks in Salesforce, but that defeats the purpose of what we're trying to do which is to sync CTA Tasks to SF Tasks and sync Timeline Activities to SF Events, in order to keep them distinct from one another.
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Posted 5 months ago

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Hi Jeff,

Currently, we do not sync email assist emails to Salesforce via Timeline, we do it directly from Cockpit. So your email assist emails must be syncing to tasks if you have enabled SFDC sync in Cockpit. If not, then you need to sync them separately via rules engine.

We understand this is not intuitive and we plan to change this behavior soon.

Also, sync failure of one activity will not impact other activities. So if an activity fails to sync, we will skip it, sync the next one and retry syncing it in the next batch.

Hope this helps,
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Just to make sure we're talking the same thing, Nitisha - I'm referring to the Timeline entry that Email Assist logs, not the email itself.  Are you saying the Timeline entry that the Email Assist logs is designed to never sync to Salesforce? 

I had a support ticket open with L2 support a couple of months ago regarding other timeline entries (non-Email Assist) that were not syncing to Salesforce Events, and below was the explanation:

They explained that because there was no field mapped to End Date Time, records were not syncing to SF Events.  They also explained on a phone call that if just one record didn't have the End Date Time populated, it would break the sync.  You're saying their explanation was incorrect?
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Hi Jeff,

From Timeline we won't sync Email activities created from Email assist as Cockpit is taking care of them (as explained by Nitisha above).

Also, in your previous configuration syncing of Activity Date to End Date doesn't have a proper end datetime, while creating SFDC event.  The start & end date time were same in that case. So L2  has corrected it by creating new custom date time field in Gainsight and mapped it to end date time in salesforce. 

Coming to the statement given by Nitisha. If the sync of an activity fails due to some reason it will not impact the sync of other activities. We will perform a retry in next batch.