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Working with a customer we found that reports are not dynamically updated in dashboard after making changes to the report itself.

If there is a global filter present in that report and the report is impacted by any global filter then we don't show the option to "clear settings/filters" so the only fix would be to remove and readd the report. 

This is due to user state preservation.

I think a better solution would be to have the reports dynamically update the dashboard or have the option to upon changes.

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Cameron Wright, Employee

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Posted 3 months ago

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+ 1.  Until reading this, I thought I was doing something wrong.  I've had this issue for a while.  Create the Report/Dashboards requested.  Weeks go by - changes requested.  I have to remove the filters and the reports from the Dashboard.  Save - and then re-add it all back. 
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I think the dynamic change would be a much better experience! I JUST had to do this last week... I updated the report and told the CSM's that their dashboard is good to go... But then they told me they were still seeing the old results... Come to find I needed to remove and add the report again in the dashboard builder...
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This is not an optimal experience Gainsight.
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Calvin Multanen

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+1, this issue has begun popping up more frequently now that more people are using and viewing the dashboards we've set up.

If dynamic updates aren't in the short-term roadmap, a simple "refresh" button would be a nice improvement over the current process.
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After using Dashboards and global filters for a long time, I finally got 'bitten' by this scenario.

I have a very small misconfigured filter inside one report (yep...it was my mistake) with one typo in one filter. The repair of disassembling global filters, removing the report, re-adding the repaired report, and re-assembling the global filters seems like tearing apart the kitchen to fix a one drippy faucet.
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Not sure if anyone in Product has seen this yet.  It is a major nuisance.
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Rakesh, Product Manager

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Hi All,

We understand that this is too much effort for a simple change. Thanks for voicing it out! There are some limitations on our side which stop us providing the ideal experience here. 

Nevertheless, I would like to understand one specific point in this context:

Assume a report has both Report Filter and a Global Filter(say region set to Europe)
If hypothetically there were a way to force the update and upon clicking that hypothetical button, the value which the user changed in the Report Filter (in the dashboard) will be reverted to the value you configured (in report builder). If the user had previously modified the value in the global filter from Europe to North America, still he will not see the exact report you just configured!
Would that not cause confusion? Will you expect this behavior?

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Jeff Kirkpatrick, Champion

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At that point I think it would be up to Ops to notify the end users that a change has been made to the underlying report.
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Hi All,

Locking the filter is another potential workaround, will that work for you?