Do not open a CTA until the previous is closed

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Working with a customer they asked if there is a way to not open a new CTA until the previous of likeness was closed.


"Followup 2017" CTA is open for a customer, but if that is not completed yet we do NOT want a "Followup 2018" CTA to be created automatically until that one is closed. 

Currently we cannot specify that logic to do so.
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Posted 5 months ago

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I set something up like this that uses bionic rules to combine (merge) two data sets. 

One is the data set that would trigger the new CTA "Followup2018", and the other is a data set containing a list of existing open CTAs called "Followup2017". 

Then, you can use the criteria in the rule action to only trigger if there is no open CTA for that account.  
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Kate is spot on!  
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I hope I'm not missing something obvious but is there any reason we couldn't leverage the existing duplicate checking functionality in bionic rules for CTA creation?

Specifically unchecking the "include in identifiers" checkbox and allowing the CTA Type and Reason values to prevent creation of a new CTA that has the same values for those two fields as any currently open CTAs. 

  • Include in identifiers: adds the CTA's name as part of the duplicate checker criteria for the Rules Engine. If there's an existing CTA for an account, but the CTA names have different values, then the rule will create the new CTA. If the CTA names are the same, and the CTA Type and Reason are the same, then a new CTA will not be created. The rule will simply update the existing CTA. The playbook chosen in this step will only be applied if a playbook was not previously assigned.
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If a CSM creates a manual CTA with the same CTA Type and Reason Code (or edits the reason code) but it's not really for this exact activity, you could end up with a false positive doing it that way though.  

That's why I opened this idea:

All of our CTA trigger rules are dependent on Type and Reason code (because that's how our TA recommended we configure it) but makes me really nervous.
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Hi Jeff,

Is the main need to not allow CSM's to change the reason because "Reason" is used as an identifier while creating CTA's via rules? i.e if there was an option in rules engine action to not use Reason as an identifier....would that help you? Or as you mentioned in the other post, would you still want to prevent CSM's from changing the reason? 
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No, Reason should be allowed to be used as an identifier. I need the option to make Reason code uneditable for triggered CTAs only so that I cam ensure rules and reports capture the correct CTAs.

Happy to chat if you need further explanation. Thx!
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Thanks for the info Jeff. Is my understanding correct want to check whether a CTA of a particular type & reason has been created or not to decide whether to create new CTA's (hence you need it as an identifier). But do not want the CSM's to change it, because it would create another CTA for this type-reason combination & miss out on creating a CTA with the reason that the CSM changed it to?