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When creating a CTA action, I find that the "Include in Identifiers" checkbox next to the CTA name field is often overlooked.

What this causes is confusion when CTA rules fire and customers either don't see any action taken, or they notice that an already existing CTA with the same "Type" and "Reason" is updated with the details from the most recently executed CTA.

Is there any future plan to have the CTA name identifier selected by default, as I almost never see a use case where a customer would not want this selected?

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Tom Gerth, Employee

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Posted 5 months ago

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Denise Stokowski, Official Rep

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We can look into how often used/not used in our data.  Thanks for pointing out what you see from customers and their confusion.
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Diana Luo

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Hi Tom, having this checked by default would be very helpful. Thanks for posting! 
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Jeff Kirkpatrick, Champion

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Please please please make this happen.  It's bitten us several times.

ALSO in Advanced Outreach when creating a CTA there. 
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It's not clear/intuitive as to what the repercussions would be by *not* selecting that box either. In fact, the response from a GS employee in this thread explains the behavior differently, stating that the checkbox would make the CTA unique per contact and create multiple CTAs per account. 

It's odd that the very name 'Create CTA' would do any behavior other than create a CTA. If one wanted/expected the behavior to update a CTA, the action should be called Update CTA.
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Dan Ahrens, Official Rep

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Hi Kelly,

To help clarify, if the "include in identifiers" checkbox is checked, the rule will check the following criteria and will not create a new CTA if one already exists:
- Account ID
- CTA Type and Reason
- CTA Name (exactly as it appears, which if you had tokenized any part of the CTA name, such as with the name of a contact, the CTA Name would be unique per contact).

Without the checkbox checked, only Account ID and CTA Type and Reason are verified. 

Hope this helps.
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Thanks Dan, yes, I do understand however it's not clear or intuitive on that AO configuration what the experience is if it's not checked off and a matching CTA (in type/reason) already exists at the time the rule runs. My point was that if 'Create' is the name of the step, it should never take any action other than create.

To Tom's point, there is probably rarely a case that a user doesn't want it checked off and in many cases, a CTA only looking at Account ID + Type + Reason will more often than not match an existing one.