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I looked around and didn't see anything that answered my question but sorry if this is obvious! 

We have set up Outreaches in CoPilot that are sent out to users as part of our On-boarding process. For example, we send an Outreach for a new user that was provisioned but hasn't logged in to the platform yet. We have this scheduled to pull in users to the Powerlist that were provisioned 2 days before rule date but have not logged in yet. The issue we are experiencing is that if a user was provisioned on a Friday, the outreach would be expected to be sent on a Sunday. As a company, we'd rather not send out work-related items on weekends so we do not schedule the Outreaches for weekends. This means that by the time Monday rolls around, the user would no longer be on this Powerlist and that 1st reminder email was never sent to the user. 

I was wondering if there was a way to set up this up based on Business Days? That way we could have this automatically push the outreach for Monday instead of Sunday. This would allow us to adjust the sequence of emails that go out for On-boarding process (includes Reminder emails to login or Tips/Tricks emails for helpful features of the product).

I do realize that there is the option to schedule the Outreach for 'Every Weekday' (which is what it is set up as). Just not sure how to keep this sort of scheduling but still pull in those users that were left out because 2 days after their provision date fell on a weekend. I am thinking another sort of filter or condition would probably be needed in the Powerlist? Though not entirely sure how to set this up. 

Any help is much appreciated!
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A similar discussion is happening here to skip weekends when running outreaches. Hope this is helpful.
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Thanks! I will take a look. 
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Hey Manmeet,

Great question! I too have had to deal with this a great deal. Its a bit of a challenge, especially for our renewal automation. I agree that a "queuing" of weekend emails would be great.

However, I do have something that could work for you. I am guessing you can build in a date range into your PowerList for the provisioning date. For example, lets say they provisioned on 8 September 2017 or 9/8/2017 in US format. You could setup your powerless to be "Great than or equal to subtract 3 days from Run date". This would cover things from today, yesterday, and the day before yesterday. Imagine today is Monday, September 11th (9/11/2017). This date filter would capture the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th of September as 3 days before a run date of the 11th is the 8th.

Now the next important step is to properly configure the Outreach schedule. Here, you need to make sure it sends emails only once in every 5 days and only runs on weekdays. This means that although an account would show up in the PowerList for multiple days, it would only be sent once in the possible date range. Lets take our account that provisioned on the 8th. If we only send once in 5 days and only execute on weekdays, they would get the email either on the 8th or 11th. They would hit the five day mark at either the 13th or 16th. Regardless, by that point they would fall our of your PowerList as that is set to only a 4 day range (3 days before Run Date to through the Run Date).

Does that make sense? I always like to whiteboard these things as I am a visual person, so that may be helpful.

Good luck!
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Yup that makes sense. Thanks for the advice! I will take a look and see if this set up would work for us as well. Appreciate it!