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In the history section within C360, if you click on a value (E.g Logins) in the graph key, the behaviour is that that value will show and the other values will hide. For me it feels wrong to do this because if you had 6 values showing then clicking on 1 would hide the other 5.

I am aware that if you hold cmd and click that it will hide the value but for me it feels like a better UX if this is the default action of clicking on a field in the key. In the old version of the history report in C360, this was how it worked previously.

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Posted 1 month ago

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Hi Sam,

As you mentioned, clicking on a legend item used to hide it form the chart before we made the changes to reverse the behavior to show it and hide the rest. This was done based on requests from a couple of customers that their "intention" while clicking on a legend item in the chart is to see it in the chart. Both ideas have pros and cons and after a point it gets subjective. For example imagine a scenario where six lines are present on a chart and you wanted to compare Line 1 with Line 2 (ex, sales vs net profit) if we follow hide on click behavior we will need four clicks, if we follow show on click, two clicks are enough. 

As both behaviors tend to be efficient in some use cases and become inefficient in others, we had to take one design approach with reasonable assumptions. So we made the following assumption, 

When a user clicks on a legend in a chart, he /she wants to see it (this is inline with general behavior of clicking a link to see more about it on the web).

Then we evolved the following design principles

1) Click to show (Click a legend item to show it in the chart).
2) Hold (Ctrl / CMD) and click to toggle .
3) Click anywhere on the empty area of the chart to refresh.

With these three principles we are able to address most of the use cases with fewer clicks. 

Please let me know if you need further information.

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Hi Venky - Thanks for the reply and explanation. In your example of having 6 lines and you want to compare 2 of them, clicking on both lines only shows the last line that is clicked. To succeed, you would need to click the first line and then cmd+ click the second line - this takes some practise and does not feel natural.

I think the logic you have explained makes sense but the UX to achieve it is not quite right yet. What do you think?