Be able to reset dashboard reports that have global dashboard filters

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Right now in dashboards, it is possible to reset any report container back to its original state that exists in report builder. For example, you change one of the filters but forget what it was originally.

If the dashboard is using global dashboard filter this option is not there. So say you modify one of the non global filters and forget what the original filter was set to, there is no easy way for a user to reset this without removing the container in the dashboard layouts and adding the report back.

I think you should be able to reset the report container to the original and then have the global filter still be there.
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Alex LeGay, Employee

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Posted 1 year ago

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Yogesh Singh, Employee

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Global Filters control the filter value state of Report Container. If we provide option to clear the Report Container state while global filter exists, there may be confusion on who is controlling the state of filter values. Also, when we refresh the page, filer values are overridden by global filters, removing the effect of reset.

Post summer release we might think about this option, as with summer release we are giving an option to select some or all of the reports to be part of a global filter definition. The reports that are not part of the global filters in this situation could have the "Clear Filters" option enabled. But currently its not considered as part of summer release. If there are enough use cases it makes sense to consider it.
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Yogesh Singh, Employee

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Agreed! As mentioned, Post summer release we might think about this option.
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Daniel Oberes, Alum

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Yes, this would be very helpful.
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Denise Stokowski, Official Rep

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This came up in our review with some customers as an ask regarding global filters.
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Venkateswara Reddy Kasireddy, Official Rep

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Hi Denise,

This is no scoped for Summer. We will take this up as post Summer.

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Melissa I, Alum

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I'll add my two cents... we also ran into a situation where an end user changed a filter setting and then was unable to select the 'Clear Settings/Filters' in order to get it back to default.  And as an end user, they can't hop into report builder and look to see what it should be set to.  I also agree that the global filter should 'lock' that filter for all reports on the dashboard, but in our case, the global filter was for CSM and the filter they wanted to reset was for a date.

Conclusion: The 'Clear Settings/Filters' option should still be available on all dashboard reports, even if there is a global filter and selecting that option resets everything to default but then adheres to the global filters.  
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Melissa I, Alum

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Hey there!  Just wondering if this has been prioritized at all for an upcoming release?  It's now become a larger issue for us.  We've been using Gainsight for a little over a year now and decided it's time to get feedback and do a little revamp of our dashboards.  The majority of our dashboards have a global filter for assignee (ie - CSM ='s, Team Manager ='s, etc...).  Because all the reports on those dashboards have a global filter applied, every tweak and edit we make does not get reflected for our end users.  So depending on what kind of edits I made, any report I've made changes to is either completely unchanged for the end user or just completely inaccurate (because I added a field, which does get reflected, but fields that were already in the report that were edited, do not).

The way it is now, after our revamp, I would need to email every end user and detail every change they need to go in and make to every report filter.  This is a terrible user experience.
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Tharun, Alum

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Requesting an update on behalf of a customer who has requested the same feature.
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Wayne Baker, Employee

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Adding onto this too. It is difficult to get a report back to normal without this option.

I've just added and adjusted a whole bunch of filters and I know have no way of knowing what was originally there.
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Jason Metzler

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As an admin, I need a way to reset all filters that users may have set. They seem to want to change report filters and have a very difficult time getting them back to 'normal'. Filters should either reset each time the dashboard is refreshed, or at minimum have a way for users to reset all filters on a given dashboard.