Automatically log summary and notes from customer meetings in Gainsight Timeline

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We are currently evaluating a new capability for timeline, which will automatically capture summary from meetings you have with customers on GoToMeeting, Zoom, Bluejeans, Google Meet and other conference providers. 

This is how it would work. You invite to your calendar invite. The bot dials in like an attendee.

You then have 2 options:

1) The meeting highlights are automatically logged into Gainsight and show up in the timeline/360 view. This includes activity date, subject, who attended, how long did the customer speaker, and important keywords or topics mentioned (you can configure these). You can optionally configure Gainsight to record the conversation and include a link to the conversation. 

2) During the meeting, go to the timeline view and add an activity. Gainsight will recognize there is an ongoing meeting, and pre-populate various fields. While typing notes, you can then press hotkeys like ‘/t’ to insert the transcription of the preceding 30 seconds or image of the slide being presented. If you have configured Gainsight to record the meeting, notes can be timestamped.

This is not a functionality that exists today. We'd love to get feedback from the community on whether this functionality is valuable, and if so, would you be interested in any modification. 

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Nitisha Rathi, Product Manager

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Posted 7 months ago

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Heather Hansen, Champion

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Absolutely love it!  We currently use Zoom, and I know this would save our CSMs a lot of time!  I think #2 sounds really cool, but I would definitely be concerned about how savvy the CSMs are to remember to use the hotkeys to do things, so maybe 1 would be a better option.  Or some combination of both.
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Marcelo, Champion

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I really like this idea!!! I see a lot of value in populating automatically the following activity fields based on the info from the invite:
1) Start time
2) Internal attendees
3) External attendees
4) Agenda from invite
5) Include any attachment documents found in the invite

Added bonus: being able to link recording or transcripts would be awesome.
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Seth, Employee

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WOW this would be amazing. We currently pay for Chorus to provide lots of this functionality.

I would say a substantial blocker to CSMs using Timeline is just that they have to open it up, so I'm not a huge fan of the workflow of "open Timeline, create Activity, and Gainsight will recognize that a meeting is ongoing". Tools like Chorus are often able to capture notes that you "Chat" in Zoom to the Chorus meeting attendee. Could CSMs effectively use that as their note-taking tool? If it would also enable them to easily review the portion of the conversation around where they made that note, that would be slick.
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Faust Belarmino, Champion

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THIS WOULD BE FANTASTIC!! All out CSM's use GoToMeeting for all our calls with clients. This would be amazing to have!