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Trying to set up an Email Chain that will trigger a CTA but also wait for that CTA to be closed before proceeding, but the event options for a CTA closure do not align with my CTA statuses.

I watched the video which skims past the part of actioning on the result of a CTA closure.  

This Document states:

"If the prior step is Send Email or Create/Close CTA, the following event configurations will be available:

  • Send Email: Email Opened, Email not Opened, Link Clicked, Link not Clicked

  • Create/Close CTA: CTA Open, CTA Closed Success, CTA Closed Lost"

Here is where my confusion lies. I see two options here: CTA Closed Success and CTA Closed Lost

My CTA Statuses however are set up as follows:

Which one aligns to the Adv Outreach conditions for "Create CTA"?  None of them look like a 1:1 match.

Category has a Closed Lost option, but not a Closed Success.   Name/Short Name have a Closed Success option but no Closed Lost.

It's confusing. 

Also - in this document under Create/Close CTAs, it states this prerequisite:

"Prerequisites: Users will need to add NSURL in remote site settings to use CTA events within an Advanced Outreach. If this is not added, the CTA events will not be processed."

  1. Does this mean that taking actions on CTAs via Adv. Outreach does not work out of the box?
  2. I was able to google Configure Remote Site Settings and NSURL but neither clue me in on what exactly I need to ask my SF admin to do here.  What NSURL needs to be added to Remote Site Settings?
  3. Don't assume every Gainsight admin is a SF Admin or web developer.  More context around statements like this is required for documentation to be better leveraged and understood.
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Posted 4 months ago

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Hi Jeff,

a. We use the CTA categories Open, Closed Won and Closed Lost and use that for the processing for the further steps in advanced outreach. Closed Success and Closed Won are the same meaning. We will make the wording consistent(Closed Won) so that you dont have this confusion.

b. Please ignore the NSURL settings configuration in the documentation. It is a setting which will be by default turned on for all customers. You should not have any issues using the Create and Close CTA actions out of the box. Do let us know if you face any issues. We will remove it from the documentation so that users need not worry about this.

Hope this clarifies your issues. 

Abhishek S
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Thanks Abhishek - so it sounds like the AO categories map to the Call To Action Status::Category column?

I'd actually prefer to have the Call to Action Status::Name options available to AO.  Because that is what our end users use and that is what the admin would be used to leveraging in Rules, etc.

Plus, I may want to perform an action differently when a CTA is closed as Closed Risk vs Closed Not Applicable, even though the reporting Category for both is Closed Lost.

Does that make sense?
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Got it. Thanks Jeff. We will add this to the roadmap and enhance this in the future.