Add Cockpit integration for Google Calendar (or similar service)

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Our team uses Google Calendar to manage all of their meetings and events. It would help with workflow if we could automatically:

- see our time-based CTAs inside of our calendar already.
- log our calendar-based events as CTAs.
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Kate Popp

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Posted 3 years ago

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Elaine Cleary, Employee

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I love the idea of some type of CTA/calendar integration, Kate.  I've had a few other customers bring this up so thank you for posting!
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Love it - we use outlook and salesforce has outlook integration, so it doesn't seem like too far of a stretch...
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Sidhu, Product Manager

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Great ideas! Along with the integration use cases you mentioned, we are also reviewing other calendar and email integration options like sending emails and scheduling meeting from cockpit. 

Do let us know what you think about
1) Being able to send emails to customer by picking the content from an email template and having that information tracked under a CTA. Imagine having a template applied automatically via a Playbook for a CTA corresponding to a positive NPS response, asking for a referral.
2) Being able to schedule meeting with your customers from your Event type CTAs like EBR without having to do a lot of to and fro email communication. 
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Kate Popp

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That would definitely help, too!
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Osha Kondori

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We would *love* to be able to send meeting invitations from the cockpit. I there any update on this thread? 
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Jeff Kirkpatrick, Champion

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We also use Google Calendar. This would be a big help.
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Jennifer Kirkland

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My team is also in agreement on this!

Sidhu, to weigh in on your questions in our environment:

1) Yes!  We would also benefit if we have the ability to edit the template prior to sending and having it log as a CTA.  My team is having a very difficult time adjusting to not having email visibility in Gainisight. If there are known community topics that cover custom email communication, please let me know.

2) Can you clarify? When I read it my mind goes straight to automating available office hours in an email template which would be AMAZING. I know there are third party products that do dynamic scheduling, but we just need our current availability populated in our email messages - not the ability for a client to book the time themselves.

Thank you!

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Sidhu, Product Manager

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Thanks for the additional notes Jennifer.

Your thinking about the scheduling is right. We are thinking about something on the following lines -
  • We will allow you to share your current availability to a customer (one or more contacts within a customer) via email
  • We will make it easier for everyone in that email to select a slot (from the slots sent in this email)
  • We will then allow send email invite from a common slot that is selected
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Kiersti Felska, Alum

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we use outlook 365
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sam leonard

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Bumping this thread because I've already gotten this feedback from my team and they'd kill for this functionality. Is there any update with regards to timing for something like this?
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Nicole Mendonca

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My team is kean on this as well!! 
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Cara Brill

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We're also interested in google & outlook calendar integration- is there any update to this thread?
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Ian Turner

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Yep - we're now starting to use regular scheduled CTA Events and having events in Outlook Calendar as well as in Gainsight would be a significant timesaver.....
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Todd Massey

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Agreed, love to see this feature.  
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Azuqua Bot

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Azuqua (one of Gainsight's technology partners) offers an integration with Google Calendar that enables you to monitor for new CTAs and create an event in Google Calendar. We actually built the Google Calendar connector because this was such a big need for Gainsight's customers, so I hope you find it helpful! Feel free to get started now by signing up for a free trial at, or you can email me at
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Hayley Ballerini

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We would also love this functionality. Specifically to be able to automate emails to the customer a few days before a call asking for agenda topics and confirming attendees. Is there any update on bringing it into the roadmap?  
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Berin Bezmen

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We would love to be able to sync success plan objectives and certain CTAs to google calendar as reminders. especially if a success plan was shared with a non Gainsight user and have objectives they need to follow up on, would love to be able to sync the tasks to their calendars 
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Dan Ahrens, Official Rep

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Outlook/Google Calendar integration to Automatically create a CTA.

Hi - an idea that was shared with my by one of my customers was related to creating CTAs automatically through Outlook/Google calendar integration. The use case is as follows:
  • CSM creates a calendar meeting request to their customer to schedule a meeting. While in the calendaring app, they have an option to click a button that will sync that meeting to a CTA in Gainsight.
  • The CTA will be created using relevant content from the meeting request (some details will have to be worked out as to how the correct customer is selected and how other mandatory fields are populated)
  • CTA is now ready to be actioned upon once the meeting is held and the notes are added to the CTA or chatter feed for that customer. 
This would allow for reduction of an extra manual step and will especially assist in cases where customers do not have standing recurring meetings, but instead meet in an ad-hoc basis.
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Colin Burns

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Another customer here that is interested in this. My CSMs want all Cockpit CTAs and Tasks to show on their Google Calendar as required for that day or week.
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Jeff Kirkpatrick, Champion

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I agree with a sync between calendar and Cockpit for scheduled meetings - but I think for ALL CTAs/Tasks that would be overkill. The Cockpit is designed to be their day to day "to do" list.  
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Jen Pakravan, Champion

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We'd love it if this could also mean we'd be able to see upcoming customer meetings.
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Denise Stokowski, Official Rep

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In SF, you are able to sync calendar invites with SF and it creates open activities. In Gainsight, would it be possible to have those activities that are created in SF pushed to GS? (because we understand Outlook to GS is not possible at this time)
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Jackie Cofield

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My team would love this too Denise - we use Google Calendar. Any ideas to implement something like this with Google Calendar?
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Faelan Herriott

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Another +1 on this. One of our Onboarding CTA's is to book a call with the client, do we need to book that call in G calendar and then go to the CTA and tick it as complete? 
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Preston Walker

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This would be excellent for my team.
Additionally, with a Google Calendar integration, Gainsight could list the accepted meeting invitees to a Timeline meeting event. Perhaps it could also email the CSM after the meeting, prompting a reply (with meeting notes) that could be added to the meeting event in Timeline.
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Joe Baxter

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Folks don't want to have to maintain multiple calendars or enter data multiple times for the same events...and as much as I like Gainsight and I cannot replace my personal calendar that I use daily...integration using industry standard connectors or file formats would be HUGE! Please :-) 
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Ian Pearthree

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The first suggestion in this thread is 3 years old. Is there any update? It seems like an easy win to have no updates over the course of three years. As someone tasked with implementing Gainsight for professional services, scheduling is the bare minimum functionality I would desire.
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Link Black, Employee

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One of my customers also requested similar functionality.  In their case, they would like (some) CTA tasks with due dates to be automatically added to their Google Calendar.  Does anyone have a good solution/workaround to share with the Community?  Thank you!