Ability To Customize c360 Export

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I have a couple requests for the ability to be able to customize the c360 export. 

Suggested workaround provided: Create a success snapshot customized to the information that they want on the c360 page. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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This would be helpful for us as well! As we start to expand the 1:Many campaign and providing our larger customer based with an annual scorecard, this would be very helpful. Especially if we could run a rule to sent them in mass ;)
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Export c360 section as a powerpoint.

Customer has a request to make the c360 section export out as a powerpoint. Currently, there isn't a way to customize the c360 export and they do not want to share all the details that come in the export. While we are aware that you can create a success snapshot, the customer prefers the visuals that come with the export... especially around Scorecards. 

Customizing the c360 is already a known enhancement request, but exporting it out as a powerpoint would solve for this particular use case. 
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You got it! :)

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Customizing the C360 export is something we also would like the option to do, currently our "Summary" section is spitting out information that I did not apply to the 360 layout...

The PDF visuals are appealing and in some cases we prefer that to the PPT success snapshot. 

Is customizing the c360 export on the roadmap?
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+1. I spoke with a customer today who requested this as well.
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We have a need to have two versions of the C360 export: one internal and one external. I searched Community and see this requested but don't see any recent updates. Can the C360 be customized at all? There are some fields like ARPU that don't apply to us and frankly, that I don't even know the meaning of! I have tried using the Success Plan but it is ugly. Any ideas?

I played with creating a new C360 layout last night but quickly realized I can add or remove sections but I can't update certain items within that section. For instance, summary is awful. We would not want to export that to a customer with ACV and ARPU (still don't know what that means) but it is very beneficial to see that info internally so I can't remove it from the layout just to export. Conundrum. 

 The main issue with Success Plans is the poor formatting. Not pretty enough to present to clients which leads us to export and then cut/paste into our marketing approved PPT template. This method works but doesn't really save my CSMs time. Especially annoying to do this for low value accounts which don't get the personalized EBR (level of effort should be different for these clients). 

I would love to see the ability to have different C360 exports available. 

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Hi Danella, 

You should be able to modify the summary section using the config icon at the top right corner of that section. The icon only shows up when you hover onto the section.  

However, this might not solve your problem because when a CSM visits C360, they only see one layout based on the assignment rules and will not be able to swap between an internal and external layout on demand.

We are planning to allow sharing C360 via an expiring link. You can see more details about that approach here - https://community.gainsight.com/gainsight/topics/share-external-c360-r360-layouts-and-dashboards. Please do look into this and check if this would solve your problem.

Regarding ACV and ARPU. ACV is "Annual Contract Value" and ARPU is "Annual Revenue Per User" and is calculated as ACV / Licenses (Users). These attributes can be renamed to suite your business and can be managed by updating them via Rule Engine.