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Scorecard 2.0 Mass Edit Report only pulls in first 100 lines
We are currently working to build reports on Scorecard 2.0 for the long tail of our customers (25,000+). The hope was to do this using th...
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Adding field type, like multipicklist option, to the Timeline "+field" dropdown
<Customer Request> Any idea on if we're going to support a multipicklist option? 
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Storing "personal" CSM notes in Gainsight
Curious if anyone else has encountered this situation.   My CSMs are looking for a place in Gainsight to store “personal” notes about a ...
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Adding fields to Timeline Activities
When adding new fields to Timeline Activities, it looks like the only options for "Field Type" are Text, Date, Number and Checkbox.  Is a...
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Ability to merge success plans
Posting on behalf of a customer. Customer is changing their strategy for using Success Plans and is wondering if there might be any plan...
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Timeline Activities in SFDC Widgets
The new timeline/activity tracking is nice, but it would be even better if we could add it into the Opportunity and Account widgets in SF...
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