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How do you re-order pages in a Survey?
I have been working on a survey that uses pages to separate out branched questions. In this process, I've tweaked the flow of things and ...
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Can you edit powerlist contacts in a published Advanced Outreach?
 I was contacted by a customer via chat who was wanting to see if it was possible to remove/edit a certain powerlist contact who had cont...
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Would like to be able to send a survey from Cockpit/new "Email Assist" Playbook task
I've spoken with two companies that would like their CSMs to be able to send a survey (after onboarding or training for example) via the ...
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No options show up when linking a token within Advanced Outreach
Hi everybody, When I click the token to connect it to a SaleForce field, no options show up. I''m assuming this has something to do with ...
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