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Data Anomalies: Go there, check it out, and sign up for periodic updates
(Data) Anomalies....  I always seem to misspell the word, but I digress. Well, we all wish data was perfect, clean, and always correct. ...
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Preview results option & abort power in Bionic Rules
A big thanks to the product & engineering, for delivering preview option in Bionic rules makes our life much simpler. Abort power is rul...
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Timeline FTW
When you switch from "use Gainsight however is useful" to "you need to use Timeline", it's slightly visible in the pageviews
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Timeline Feedback
Our teams are loving timeline so far. Feedback from a CSM: Its an easy way to track all of my calls that don't really have an objectiv...
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Thank you Gainsight
For companies delving into the realm of Customer Success for the first time or extending their capabilities and offerings to broaden thei...
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