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Photo of Logan T
Scorecards 2.0 Health Score Widget in Gainsight's Zendesk App
Hello Teams! As we transition more and more to Scorecards 2.0, feature parity with Scorecards 1.0 remains a priority so as to not limit ...
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Photo of sarahjohn
Customer Health Score: Advice from Three Customer Success Experts
Customer success teams measure and track many key metrics. From SaaS platform usage to NPS, they are always analyzing data to maintain a ...
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Photo of Martha Stuart
Exporting Success Snapshot from Gainsight widget
Our CSM's are now working out of Lightning. Ideally we want them to always stay in Lightning and the current way to export success snapsh...
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Photo of Tom Gerth
Adjust tab size in widget
Hey guys, posting on behalf of a customer here. We're wondering if there might be anything on the roadmap for readjusting the tab sizes ...
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