Tip of the Week: Combining multiple in-app Rating Surveys into one user experience

  • 31 March 2021
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While working with one of our amazing PX customers today, they asked me…

“How can we build an in-app Survey that includes multiple per feature ratings with textual feedback for each feature?”  


To my disappointment and theirs, I needed to explain that only one rating step can currently be included in an in-app Rating survey.  I know that our PX Product team is working hard to include this flexibility in the future, but right now this is just not possible.


However, there are at least two other ways to achieve a “similar” user experience and result!!!!


The first way is to use a multi-question Survey with a combination of multiple choice questions and open text questions.  With a little help from FontAwesome, some creative fonts/colors, and even using images, the end result does not look too bad and will keep all the answers and responses within one PX Survey submission.  Here is how it could look:



Another, better way (in my opinion), would be to implement separate Feature Rating Surveys and use some simple, yet effective Audience Logic to have them play in the right sequence … just like it was all part of the same Survey.  This is really an extension of my previous community post here, but here is how to do this…

  1. Build multiple PX Rating Survey Engagements, one for each Feature that you would like to collect both a rating value and textual feedback

  2. In the Audience Logic for each Engagements, use Rules such as the following to govern the sequence/display of these surveys:


And finally, below is an example of how the user experience could be … which is actually pretty good in my opinion. :)





I hope this helps someone.  Please be sure to reply with your comments or ideas too!


Happy PX-ing!!!!!

1 reply

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@link_black You are amazing!!