Segment NPS Cohorts for Surveys

  • 9 October 2019
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This idea stemmed from a customer call who wanted to place certain customers in a segment for NPS, such as Q3 2019. It can be cumbersome to add individual accounts on the Segment functionality in PX and keep track of which accounts were added or were not.

OLD METHOD (Example)

  • Create segment called "NPS Q3 2019"
  • Add 20 accounts to be targeted for a Q3 NPS survey
  • Add specific segment in the Audience criteria of survey engagement, and launch survey
As you can see, this process can be cumbersome and may result in more errors.


Instead of adding each individual customer, an alternative solution that's more scalable and time efficient is to:

  • Add custom attribute for accounts -- it can be boolean or string field [list]
  • String example: NPS Q3 '19
  • Boolean example: NPS (Yes / No)
  • You can then use the Data Loader and update the account attributes. Then you'll target your audience by the account attributes for your NPS surveys.

    [/list]If you haven't already, please refer to this previous community post on how to use the Data Loader:

  • 2 replies

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    Additional Tip of the Week! Thanks for sharing @alextran , good to know!

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    Hi All,


    from this idea would it be possible to regularly use the data uploader to amend accounts?


    so say I wanted to do a data uploader which would have a column detailing the user is ACTIVE on our tool and have that as a mandated filter. say they were to leave and I ran a user list for the next engagement I want to launch, can I reupload another CSV which will update the users again if they have left?

    In a nutshell the March 2021 data upload would show Joe Black as ACTIVE.

    but if Joe leaves in the space of my next data upload engagement and we run a new list and they’re INACTIVE would that change on his account on Gainsight when the next data upload happens?


    hope that makes sense? this would help us massively with Email engagements to users we are confident are meant to still have access to our tools.