Seeing user/account adoption percentage trends

  • 21 May 2023
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I am currently trying to track the weekly user adoption percentage of particular features.

In order to do this for a month, I have to create 4 separate widgets in a dashboard with the relevant weekly dates (May 8-14, May 1-7 etc) to see the adoption % for that week. Moreover, I need to do the same thing every time for different features. So for tracking the weekly adoption of 10 features for a month, I’d have to create 40 different widgets. Also, this date selection is static, which means that I’d have to manually update these dates if I was trying to track this on an ongoing basis, which is tiring to think of. 

I can’t do this in the adoption report because selecting the last 4 weeks would give me the total user adoption % during that time frame, and not week on week data that I want. The problem would be easily solved if I could select “User Adoption %” or “Account Adoption %” in the “Measured By” option for adoption reports and in the dashboard widgets (Where the same option is present).

If this could be implemented, I’d be able to track daily/weekly/monthly adoption percentage trends which would be very helpful for me.

Please let me know if this can already be done via the platform and I’m missing something obvious.

1 reply

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Hi @Simarpreet Singh 

Currently you can multi select features per feature adoption widget and use the different graph options to understand the trends you’re looking for. In this example you’ve mentioned above 4 widgets should do.

Future roadmap items (H2, 2023) on Adoption and Filter Experience (Dynamic Date filters) should address the other points you’ve mentioned.