Same directory for Disk queueing for multiple application

  • 18 October 2021
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Using the C# SDK, and currently working on setting up gainsight px with disk queueing. Would there be an issue if there are 2 application(different API key) using the same DurableQueueDirectoryName?

How about 1 application with 2 instances running?

2 replies

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Hello @aravago, thank you for posting on Community. Passing this along to our Product Manager to be looked into and circle back to you with an answer.

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Hi @aravago 
In both the scenarios, the 2nd different application or the 2nd instance of same single application will not be able to access DurableQueueDirectoryName as its locked with the 1st application or the 1st instance of the 1st application respectively, and will see an exception.