Recap: Launching Surveys & Closed Loop Feedback (Post PX Office Hour)

  • 25 February 2020
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Thank you to those who attended PX office hours on Launching Surveys & Closed Loop Feedback!

  Below is the deck used during this session: Launching Surveys / Closed Loop Feedback Deck   Questions Asked:
  1. Can email engagements be unsubscribed? Yes. When your users receive the email, on the bottom, users have the option to click "Unsubscribe" and doing so will remove them from future email engagements automatically.
  2. Can we speak about GDPR compliance with email engagements? PX is indeed GDPR-compliant. We have hundreds of customers who have the ability to launch emails on PX, and we haven't had security issues. 
  3. Best practices on A/B testing? In Qualification Scope under "Engagement Sampling," you have the ability to target X% of your audience, OR target users/accounts anywhere in the range of 1 - 100. PX randomly selects users and accounts, and places them into groupings from 1 - 100. For example, you can create Survey A targeting 1-50 and Survey B targeting 51-100. See which one does better in Analytics > Survey Performance. 
See you in our next office hours!

5 replies

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Thanks, Alex. Are you sharing the recording later or should I look for it in some other channel?

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@Jef Vanlaer Here’s the link to the recording via Google Drive:


Apologies for the delay - we had our sales kick off last week. Let me know if you’re unable to view it!

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Thanks @alextran 

Hi Alex, 

Hope you all are keeping well. 

Quick question about the User and Account Sampling feature for engagements. The only thing we could find on the details of how the accounts are assigned to the groups was not detailed enough. How is the platform deciding on what group to place a specific user or account into? It says it does so randomly but are they evenly distributed? So if we look at the next 100 accounts will they all be in a different group? Also, are they being assigned in order? So, does account 1 get assigned to group 1 and so on or is it randomized? 

Thank you for your time. Stay Safe. 




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Hi @Rano ,


PX decides at random which accounts/users belong to which groups in general (evenly distributed).


For example, if you have 1000 accounts in your PX subscription, PX randomly places those accounts in groups 1 to 100 at the back-end.


When it comes time for creating an engagement and say, you want to target account groups 1-25, PX will target those accounts belonging in those groups.