Question of the Week: Can we restrict the Knowledge Bot to specific pages of the application?

  • 19 September 2019
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Hey Guys this question came up the other day and we decided we should share it here.

There is a configuration in the KCB editor that will let you configure what pages you would like to show the Bot Bubble as well as pages you would like to exclude.

Hope this clears up any confusion in the future.


PX Support Team

5 replies

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Hi @michael_sweeney! I would add here, that it would be very usefull if we could define KCB content based on the page it is shown on. It would make the content more relevant and contextual to end user, not to show everything everywhere.

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Hi @ikranjcec,

great idea! But if you consider KC Bot as an on-demand tool for guides/ knowledge base, curating the data specific to the page will limit the content and make it harder for users to find the content they may be interested in. It will lead to users jumping between pages to find the content they were looking for in the ifrst place :)

Hence, this idea could have its con, let me know waht you think?

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Hi @harshibanka,

I see your point, but would disagree that it limits the content - it would make it more contextual.

We have several different sections of our web tool; in this way we could offer help articles realted only to that certain one + always having the link to our homepage of the documentation hub.

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I would absolutely agree that having context sensitive bots is necessary in a lot of instances (although there can be cons as has already been said).

We have a dedicated web based help centre, but we use the bot to provide summary articles (linking to the help centre). In an ideal world, we want to have different bots appear on different urls with a liat of articles that are relevant to that area. Unfortuantely, you can only have one bot live at a time (unless you can configure your audience, which we can’t).

I underatand that Gainsight is an onboarding tool, but this would be an amazing additional feature and would certainly increase it’s potential customer base.

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Will the new personalization feature help with this? Will we be able to target content specific to each page?