PX Short Videos to Better Serve You!

  • 28 January 2020
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Hey PX Community! 


The Gainsight PX team is planning on producing short, bite-sized videos to help you, our customers, be more equipped and get answers more quickly! 


Think back to when you first started using PX and even now...What sorts of mini-videos would have been most helpful for you if we had them? What area of PX could use a bit more explanation?


Here are some examples to kick if off:

  • Explanation on what is “Qualification Scope” in Engagements
  • How to instrument your product using the Product Mapper
  • How to create in-app guides or walkthroughs
  • Setting up the Knowledge Center Bot

The examples are endless! However, we’d LOVE to hear from you. 


What areas of PX would be most helpful and clarified if we had a mini-video? 



3 replies

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@All, you can post your use-cases too, we will help you configure them. 


 @alextran I think if we can shoot a use-case it would be better.

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I just would really like to see some videos going through all the things you can do/change when building an engagement. When I started building guides it took me an insane amount of time just to find all the little tools and figure out what they did/ how to get them to do what I needed.

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@adrienne_long Thanks for your feedback! Much appreciated!