PX+CS: Best practices around multiple survey options

  • 12 September 2019
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As a Gainsight PX and Gainsight CS customer, you can push surveys to customers in two different ways: either through engagements within your product or by email using Journey Orchestrator. I believe that you should use both methods to collect real time feedback from your users and contacts. However, I do believe that each method has a better audience and feedback focus.

For Gainsight CS using emails, you are asking someone to take a moment from their day and click into an unknown dedication of time. This will lead to more thoughtful responses. I also think you will get better feedback by asking questions around ROI and company product adoption. To me, the target audience should be your champions and sponsors, the ones that ultimately make the decision come renewal time.

For Gainsight PX using in-app engagements, you are presenting a user in the middle of their workflow to give feedback about their experience. I believe you will get more reactive feedback this way, but will help you understand if your product is seen in a way that makes their life easier or harder day to day. In this situation, your target audience is more about the actual users, even potentially segmenting for power users, first time users, or "been a while" users.

The final piece of this is reporting. As each survey is presented in its own environment to a different audience, I do not believe that you should combine the data into one final NPS score. I think comparing them side by side will help leadership create focused initiatives to improve specific personas, rather than an unguided, generalized plan. As you are pushing NPS data from PX to CS, I would maintain it on a separate table. With bionic reporting, you will be able to combine the CS NPS and PX NPS into one bigger dataset, allowing merging, aggregating, and benchmarking.

1 reply

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This is great! Many users get confused on which survey to use, but what you said makes total sense now!