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  • 27 December 2021
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is it possible to set up a common base url for features?

I mean: let’s say that I want to map two pages of a production environment.

Let’s say:

I would like to set a parent node like “base url” with value so if the production url changes I don’t have to manually edit all the URLs present in all the features. Would it be possible?



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Thanks for posting to PX Community @flavio.


This is not currently possible, but you can submit this as a Product Idea for consideration by our PX Product team.  


In the mean time, I would suggest either…


(1) using URL wildcards in your feature mapping rules similar to the following to prevent a domain/subdomain change from affecting tracking.


*/page_1 or */page_2 


(2) if you must include the URL domain/subdomain, then you can also make mass changes to the existing rules as follows:




Happing PX-ing!



Thank you @link_black !

I am using multiple test environments with the same tag so I cannot use wildcards for it, but the massive change that you suggested should work for me.